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Wednesday, 24 March 2021


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...WARNING to Mac users: Do NOT download USBOverdrive! It broke my computer...

No, it didn't. You had a logic board failure. Software such as USBOverdrive cannot cause that to happen.

You can damage a logic board by improperly plugging in a USB device -- such as a mouse or RF adaptor for a wireless mouse. Or there could be an issue with the RF adaptor itself.

The other reason to stop down a bit is that while many new lenses are good wide open , they can often be astonishingly good at f/5.6 or 8, and you don’t get pictures that call attention to themselves for “technical” reasons.
I like good bokeh as much as the next guy, and use it to help isolate subjects against busy backgrounds, but then try to ask myself can I move a bit to change the background enough to be able to use a smaller aperture.
It doesn’t always work and is not always the best way ,..... but sometimes it is.

I think these lenses have been made with Sony's new drone in mind. I don't think bokeh and drone photography have yet met.

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