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Friday, 12 March 2021


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Very cool!

UK pronunciation is "KNICK-ON"....

Reminds one of Dr. Winkel (ie- Vinkel) in The Third Man...

It's interesting that the video presents the "German" pronunciation of those names. It feels like it should feature the "Deutsch" pronunciations.

There were a couple of big surprises for me. The Leitz lens names and Voigtländer being the most notable. Rolleiflex is still the most fun to say, or at least attempt to say correctly, though.

So...since Voigtländer is now Cosina-owned in Japan, how do the Japanese pronounce it? By the way, it is more of a very subtle soft "V" for the pronunciation in German. One trick for names like Rollei is to remember that when you see two vowels together, the second vowel is "hard" pronounced - ie. Roll-EYE. Same for Leitz or Leica.
However, not true for umlauts like in Voigtländer which is also seen spelled as Voigtlaender. This becomes a "soft" e like "lender".
Much fun!

I have always pronounced "Zeiss" to rhyme with "mice", which sounds like what this German fellow said. I'm a little pleased to have my intuition confirmed, as I know a Ukrainian who insists that it rhymes with "mace".

Here's some of my local place names that trip visitors up, because they are all spelt much the same but all pronounced differently. There's less than four miles between them.

Loughton "Lowton"
Broughton "Brawton"
Woughton (on the Green) "Woofton"

In the next county twenty or so miles away is Cogenhoe, which of course is pronounced "Cucknoe".

Why are they pronounced like this? I don't now, I just live here.

I've watched many non-dubbed foreign films, so no surprises here.

When Richard Neutra died in 1970, the Network News Reader called him Richard NEW-tra. After they came back from commercial, she corrected her error 8-)

KNEE-kon in the UK?

Everyone I know says NICK-on.

Ponce de Leon

Just when I thought Leica didn’t have any M ‘zoom’ lenses (beside the WATE).

Oops...besides, not beside.

When I said, "Pass me the FOTE-lander and the Arg-Far fee-leem", only Herr Zoomeelooz understood.

Please explain the Affiliate link to Amazon and why there is no longer a general link. I used the general link for several years whenever shopping on Amazon.

[Amazon cut me off last summer, effectively cutting my income by a third, which was a disaster for me. They did it because Amazon Canada had demanded I make some changes and then report the changes I had made, which I was not able to do because all the lines of communication had been shut down because of COVID-19. I have been reinstated to Amazon US and (ironically) Amazon Canada now, but Amazon UK and Amazon Germany will not even communicate with me. One of the things Amazon Canada objected to was the general link, which it said went against the Operating Agreement. They told me I could only link to specific products. So now I am.

I'm just trying to be a good Amazon citizen, which is all I've ever tried to be. --Mike]

Funny to read the comments as a German one :-)

Best regards

..... They told me I could only link to specific products. So now I am.
I'm just trying to be a good Amazon citizen, which is all I've ever tried to be. --Mike]
American / Amazon = interchangeable during lockdown.

That does not prevent us from buying other things after clicking the link for that lens or whatever. Even though I did once remove the linked item from the cart after adding several Lego sets for my grandchildren.

It works the other way round too. One would assume the news readers on public radio and public television in Germany to be fairly well educated compared to those on private networks, but generally they cannot pronounce the simple word "live" correctly. So they say "life Sendung" when they mean "live Sendung". Drives me bananas. Every day ;-)

[My pet peeve in English is "loose" and "lose." Lose is misspelled "loose" so often that people are actually beginning to believe it's correct. As with you and your peeve, it drives me bananas every time I encounter it, which is often. --Mike]

Oddly enough - not once did I wonder.

You can reliably spot new newsreaders hereabouts by how they pronounce:
Papillion, Nebraska
Pierre, South Dakota
And Buena Vista County, Iowa.

In Texas, the Anglo pronunciation of local Spanish place names is somewhere between hilarious and surreal, e.g.

Bexar -> "Bear"
Guadalupe -> "Gwadloop"
Refugio -> "Referio"

Leicester: How many syllables? The number you hear or the number you see?

Why pronounce the “s” in Islington, but not in island?

There are many more that are confusing for non native English speakers.

Bahama, in northern Durham county, North Carolina, is pronounced Ba-HAY-ma.

In Japan, "Voigtländer" is pronounced as フォクトレンダー (fokutorenda-), which approximates the German pronunciation.

AND ... I understand that in Japan "Nikon" is pronounced like Nee-Kon (or Knee-Kon).

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