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Tuesday, 09 March 2021


I can't shoot a camera like the 50r because I make a weird squinchy face when I shoot. I need the viewfinder in the middle to kind of hide it. You never see anybody talk about this in their reviews. :D


Go, Mike, go!

I feel sorry for anyone who wants one of these lenses; I'm sure the price just went through the roof! There you go again, Mike!

[No, they're still available new. MJ]

The Pentax DA limited lenses are fabulous. I used to have Pentax gear, and had several of the DA limited lenses. Small, well made, and make beautiful photos. I really wish Pentax hadn't let their camera line just kind of whither away...

Geez, cheaper than a used Leica M10.

$1K off AND it's a nice bag!

Well, 50 megapixels puts it in the range of the Nikon Z7II, and that body is only about $3k (or the D850 for about $600 less). Of course, the lenses for the Nikons are a lot cheaper.

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