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Sunday, 07 February 2021


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Unlike Mike, I do not have a sweet tooth. I'd starve to death long before I'd drink a smoothie.

I eat nothing with added sugar. Recently I threw away a Family Sized box of Kellog's Raisin Bran, because it's now lightly frosted—Yech!

Can we go back to more interesting cameras now? Please!

You don't need to convince me of the value of plant diets - I've been a vegetarian for well over 25 years.

However, your time based approach won't work for me - I'm a grazer. Not because I'm hungry but because it's a stress/boredom release and a momentary mood lifter. I also have IBS/allergies that cause weird ructions in the digestive system that I find indistinguishable from hunger pangs.

Where I do agree with you, is that calorie restriction diets tend to be counter-productive. They work while you can stick with them but that tends not to be long term. It's soul destroying to slog your way to a 30 pounds weight lost only to put it all back on (and more!) over the next months. Better to go with the all you can eat approach but stick to vegetables with few calories. Carrots and peas for example, can be eaten in whatever quantity you want!

With these things, be grateful for any approach you can make work. For most people, it's very difficult.

And here's a question: some people never have weight problems, never watch their food or pay attention to controlled eating. How does that work? There are about 4000 kCals in a pound of fat. If you over eat by, say 50 kCal per day, in 10 years that would add up to a weight gain of c. 45 pounds. If you under ate by the same amount, you would lose 45 pounds (starve to death?). The unlikelihood of someone being able to eat exactly the right number of calories every single day without any regulation astounds me. How is it done?!

My relatives taught me how to eat. No guru needed.

Many of us have Grandmothers, Aunts or Mothers who make/made tasty and nutritious meals.

I've been eating fiber and antioxidants before they became trendy. Because of meat rationing during WW2, I've eaten a lot of rabbit (not everyone is addicted to red-meat).

I had a Salmon Burger (high protein, high omega-3 fatty acids, and high in vitamin D) for lunch the other day. Today's lunch was Red Beans & Rich with Sausage today. I naturally eat healthy, because of what I learned at home.

BTW I don't have Diabetes, or a Cholesterol problem, and can still do crunches at 80something.

I wonder what the GOAT (Tom Brady) has on his menu?

"Food isn't ideology" - I know that what you mean is that 'the food you eat isn't ideology', but I feel impelled to disagree with what you actually wrote. As a lifelong vegetarian who finally turned vegan last year, I have to say that meat eating is an ideology and that ideology is both barbaric in terms of the appalling conditions and pain imposed on our fellow animals and truly harmful to our planet's ability to support human life in the way the meat industry works. With very best wishes to you from a bleak snowy London!

You must stop this eating plan now! If you lost 4 stone in the first 6 months of last year I calculate you will have vanished entirely by the middle of next year assuming you started at 16 stone :).

A WHOLE CLOVE of garlic? Yow.

Yep, I read the whole post.

" ... I add a ladle or two of brown rice and a couple of spoonfuls of beans, microwave it until it's hot ..."

You are killing some of the nutrients by microwaving. Get yourself a good porcelain/enamelware saucier to heat up your food. Your body will thank you for it.

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