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Thursday, 04 February 2021


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I looked at Ms. Johnston's portrait portfolio and was struck by how few of her subjects made eye contact with the photographer. In fact, many seem to be making a concerted effort to look away. I wonder if the portfolio strikes any other readers this way.

On Twitter - https://twitter.com/lucytakesphotos

The links on her web site to Twitter, Instagram & Flickr all work (but I’m not familiar with how one corresponds on Twitter or Instagram) and seem to be current so maybe just an email glitch.

This looks like the same person. https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucyjohnston/
You may be able to message her through Linkedin.


Have you tried the "Contact" form at her Web site?


It looks like she's active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucytakesphotos so maybe you could reach her there?

"For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster."

LOL. I think that message is a remnant from the nineties. You try that now and get any help.


You and your great-grandmère share some resemblances, especially the eyes.

Dan K.

Richard Gonet- that was the first thing I thought too!

Lovely portrait of Jane Bown. She's probably my favourite photographer.

Jane Brown . . . . I've seen her work, but I wasn't aware of who she was. What a richly rewarding internet exploration that was!

[Not Brown, Bown. No "R." Very common misspelling! --Mike]

Mike: agreed with the pooches; we had our last two from a holding centre when they were both tiny pups - the first one turned into a facsimile of a fox, and she lived about fourteen years. We were about two hundred yards from a beautiful park, and we'd take her there a lot for exercise, but she got much more than we gave her: she vanished every day, and did her rounds of the neighbouring houses where she found more soft touches. She was the only dox that I know of that could clamber up into rhododendron bushes and retrieve sticks I'd throw.

Our second, from the same refuge, was what I decided to call an Alsabrador, which tells you all you need to know about her: strong as blazes and with the biggest teeth I ever saw. She was about a year old when we decided to leave Britain for Spain, and couldn't come with us because they couldn't give her her rabies shot until she was two. My mother kept her for that extra period, and eventually she was able to join us again.

The RSPCA insisted on specific sizes of crates for shipping, so we had one made up to spec. I was back in the UK on a job at the time, and our daughter was going to fly to Spain on holiday, so we timed the two to coincide. The dog and crate were put into the forward hold of the aircraft (they told us it was pressurised and heated) and dog and daughter arrived safely in Spain.

My wife was waiting at the airport, and the crate arrived on the conveyor belt along with all the luggage. Naturally, my daughter coudn't get it off the conveyor by herself, so she was assisted and the dog let out of the crate.

She instantly spotted my waiting wife as girl and dog got to customs control, and went crazy with excitement and began to pee. The guys at the control took one look and sent both girl and dog out of the place without checking documents or anything, hoping she'd not do any more biological damage, I guess. God knows who inherited the crate: we had all this help because I was doing work for some tour operators... some wag, as I checked daughter and dog in at the airport, asked if it was the new way to go on holiday, taking your room with you.

Regarding the Alsabrador: once she got to Spain her favourite habitat was the beach.


Portrait on Kodachrome 64 Pro via Nikon and 135mm Nikkor.

When she was already quite ill, we took her to the beach and kinda knew it was all over when, on putting her back into the car, she didn't look back at the sea. We never had another dog because we were unprepared to face the loss again. After my wife died I did think about gettng a pup, but realised that it would probably outlive me, and then what hope for it?

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