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Friday, 12 February 2021


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The Mountains are tall, and the Trees are Old.


Nice point, it's not just the negative that's the score, the camera original, even a jpeg, also is. You have to perform it to get a piece of art.

Very nice. Funny what a few characters down a page will do to the feeling of a photograph. And they sit so nicely below the hanging branch/twigs at top left.

Second para - misplaced modifier? :-)

Richard Man's photo deliberately mimics traditional Chinese brush paintings, both in its composition, style and presentation.

Traditional Chinese language (i.e. Chinese calligraphy) is written vertically using a brush and black ink, top to bottom, right to left. (Nowadays, modern Chinese is "westernised", running left to right like English.)

On a Chinese brush painting, the tradition is to write the title and/or an accompanying poem. The artist will also "sign" their work with their red chop/seal.

Mike, these are beautiful thank you for TOP and the regular displays of works of excellence.

I have spoken to Richard by telephone on one occasion, it didn't go too well and the call ended quite abruptly. I had bought something through the Bay and it was taking for ever to appear in my mail, it was a rangefinder.

I went to Richard's web page at the time and there is some great work there. I did not realise, as is often the case with the presentation on a computer display, just how good the art is.

Thanks Mike, and thanks Richard, my rangefinder did show up eventually!

I like very small prints, despite the current fashion for huge digital prints several feet wide and sharp as tack when you press your nose against them. Small prints have a jewel like quality all of their own.

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