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Monday, 08 February 2021


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I don't have cable so I had no plans to watch the game. Then I got some ad that said you could watch the game free with the CBS Sports app. Always suspicious of CBS never the less I installed the app and bam I'm watching the pregame. No qualifications at all. I ended up watcling the game. And shortly after the gamed ended you needed a password. All I can say is Thanks CBS.

PS: The app was uninstalled by me once the game was over and a password was needed.

My last TV was a late 1980s Cathode Ray Tube RCA—I gave it away in 1992. It's been about 10 years since I've had an Internet Service Provider. I use my T-Mobile iPhone as hot-spot for my iMac.

Time marches on. There's-an-app-for-that covers everything I want. My entertainment needs are covered by Amazon Prime, Kindle and Netflix apps. For sports I have CBS and NFL apps. G-Mail and Proton Mail apps take care of my e-mail. I eat using Instacart (Grocery, Liquor and PetsMart), GrubHub and DoodDash apps. I travel around the OC with Lyft, Orange County Transportation Authority (Bus) and Uber apps.

Tom Brady is still young. George Blanda played football professionally until he was 48 years, three months, and 18 days old.He played in 340 games over 26 seasons, making him the longest serving active player in NFL history.

Except for World Cup every 4 years, I haven't had cable since sometime in the 1990s. I pay for a minimal period, and I don't renew. What can I say? I have a weakness for World Cup football. Maybe next time I'll be able to pay for access online, if it's available in my area.

Old joke. Sure I heard it on an archive episode of Hancock recently.

With all due respect to Mr. Brady who obviously has had an outstanding career. He has played in an era of the NFL where prolific offenses and scoring a lot of points is favored. Not his fault of course. He has taken clear advantage. Defenses are hamstrung with rules changes and you cannot breath on a high prized QB without a penalty. Thus why quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Brett Favre played very successfully in their 40's. Mr. Brady has simply played with better teams. George Blanda played in an era of football where everyone on the field was fair game. His story may not be as glamorous or sexy but the feat itself in playing that long without being physically broken is the stuff of legends.

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