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Sunday, 10 January 2021


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The second "Picture This" link takes me to "40 Photographers".

[Should be fixed now, and thank you, Franz. --Mike]

Thanks, Ken. As Secret Lives is apparently a satisfyingly tactile book as well (according to various reviews), do you recommend the hardback in particular, or is the paperback just as good?

@Josh: I actually do recommend the physical book of “Secret Lives...” . The format, the press, and the typography are carefully designed to work together to deliver the concepts. But i actually ended up with the book and Kindle versions, as I discovered the book while I was traveling.

Picture This is deceptively simplistic the first time you read it. But put it down for a while and then come back to it. The simplicity of the text and images is a first impression only; there's great depth and insight here.

Ken inspired me to pick up my copy and read it again tonight. I notice something different each time. This time it triggered a memory of a picture from last winter. I just need to add a tiny red triangle to this one to make it look like I was using Molly's picture on page 23 as inspiration.


on IG I seem to be able to find, follow, interact with editors, book sellers, publishers, gallerists in addition to some established photographers... even more than if going through the newpapers. True, no one edits my stream for me.

but thanks for the advisary

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