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Friday, 08 January 2021


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A prevailing sentiment among the mob was that they had been cheated and were fighting on Trump's behalf to take back "their" country. That to me says it all.

Reminds me of a shoot for a German ice hockey team in Hamburg with my brandnew Nikon D700. After the first shot I remarked that I did not insert a CF-Card...

From Wikipedia ...

List of rallies and protest marches in Washington, D.C.

The following is a list of rallies and protest marches in Washington, D.C., which shows the variety of expression of notable political views.


It's what we do. It seems that the Capital Police were the only people who didn't know about this one and therefore didn't plan accordingly.

Sad. Very sad.

Anger only begins to describe the emotions.

Hey, Mike, I'm guessing that the picture of the day link has expired, although it is still Friday the 8th here on the West Coast. Looked around the site and couldn't figure out how to see the image sort off described.

It’s here:


Mike, I am a veteran of Viet Nam and my father was captured on Corregidor when he was he was just a few months over 17. He spent 30 months as a POW. I can't imagine the horrors that he experienced; I can only say that as marine in a combat unit I saw enough to last a lifetime. But just as distressing, if not more so, is to see a President urge a mob to to desecrate an institution of government and the principles that it represents. Far too many servicemen and women have suffered or died to protect those principles. I realize this isn't a political forum, so I'll apologize for using it as such. But I know there are people who come to this site from many countries and I want them to know that America is still a great nation.

One has to wonder if the very well funded, well equipped & numerous Capitol Police were complicit as police have been at other right-wing demos recently. There were pictures of some having selfies with the rioters and reports of their removing barriers.

Like in horror movies, perhaps the most frightening part is close to the end. This we can all hope, both with these recent awful events and with the new CV19 which is now close to overwhelming the health service in the UK I believe and presumably shortly will do so in the US as well.


This is an Italian newspaper's take on the state of play that afternoon.

For those without Italian, I translate the start of it, as further along it turns to the similarities with Italy's own yoyos.

"Jake Angeli, the Commander of the Tumptroopers who assualted the Capitol in Washington, with a pair of buffalo horns on his head and face painted red and blue, has Italian blood in his veins.

Where history is made, we (Italians) are modestly present. An Italian-American, dressed as an Indian shaman in order to laud Arian supremacy, might not, perhaps, have the clearest of ideas, but is a great example of a brain in flight (from his head, in this case)."

Trouble is, from now on in, the American Republican Party will be seen as that man's party. So yeah, it matters a lot for all Americans as for everyone else whose concepts of that party will now be skewered for the rest of their life. The amazing thing is that enough were taken in by Trump to vote for him; now that is even more frightening than the assault on the Capitol.

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