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Sunday, 03 January 2021


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I'm not an Ad Am or a Fine Art photographer. And unlike Alec Soth I don't work for a university. As a Gun-for-Hire, my mission is to satisfy paying clients to cover my bills.

Because of my film-school/Hollywood background, I always shoot story-series photos. I'm now retired and may do some personal triptychs, to pass the time.

I've had PhotoWork on my to-read list for a while now; your review just pushed me over the edge to pick up a copy and ready it!

Your first six articles this year have been excellent. Between these new articles and the ones in the latter half of last year in particular, your writing mojo is strong.

As a very long time reader, I thought I should just pass that on.

Randomly, I love t-shirts with deliberately incorrect wording, like a Star Trek one I saw the other day with Mr Spok doing his hoof like finger split with the caption underneath "Live long and proper!". And a Back to the Future one with "1.21 gigabytes!"

As an emeritus professor (Biochemistry) and former administrator at the University of Minnesota, an enthusiastic amateur photographer, and a fan of Alex Soth, I was pleased to read in C.D. Embrey's comment that Soth works for a university (hoping it was the University of Minnesota, since he lives in Minneapolis). Unfortunately, Google searches of Soth's biography reveal no such employment. He appears to be a "Gun-for-Hire", as Embrey was, albeit one who's a member of Magnum.

Thank you for the reco, Rob. I saw this book a while ago announced on Aperture but forgot about it. As I’m acquainted with a few of these photographers I’m eager to see how they answered some of these questions. Second book* of the new year for me ... Bought! Arrives Wednesday.

Also, contrary to Mr. Embrey’s comment, Alec Soth doesn’t work for any university at least to the best of my current knowledge. He may well have taught a seminar for a school. But I assure you Soth is kept very busy with his art activities, as he is one of the most in-demand photo artists in the world today.
* I’m even more eager to see the first book I bought this year. Mind you, I vowed not to buy any more photo/art books except for extraordinary finds. This first book might fill the bill for me. If so, I will share with TOP.

Book ordered! I should probably also find my copy of "Art and Fear".

I bought the book and finished it recently. The responses to the same questions were quite varied. Some photogs seemed to me like great people to work with or take a weekend seminar from, while others to me seemed like pompous a$$es who I wouldn't want to get within a mile of. Interesting read.

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