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Monday, 11 January 2021


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Noting the sunlight on the far end - some sort of blinds for the windows next? (It never ends!)


You can feel the happiness radiating from this post Mike - making me smile. Enjoy! You deserve it.

Looks wonderful, Mike. Congratulations! May it bring you endless hours of enjoyment and, one day soon, host many hours of friendship and competition!


I think it is wonderful. We all deserve an occasional splurge, especially now when other entertainment options are limited. There are lots of studies that show that immersing yourself in an activity you love that is different from your main occupation is very good for you and enhances the other parts of your life as well.
I'm very happy for you. Pool is one of those things that can be enjoyed alone or with friends about equally. Great Choice.
PS you might want to mount a goPro above just in case you make the shot of a lifetime with no witnesses......It might also help to analyze your technique.

This might also be germane:

It does look nice, but I hope you don't get lost there, and forget to write.

"After more than five months, many tradesmen, and a medium-sized bucket of money..."

And some people say that building a darkroom is time consuming and expensive...

Congrats; you can work on your masse shot!

Bravo! Looks great. And also a pleasure to see your portrait of Sally Mann selected for photographersphotographed on IG today.

How does it play? How do you feel about giving up the Golden West for this one? And finally, have you been able to sell the Golden West?

May it give you great pleasure for a long time! (By the way, your ceiling looks terrific. Well done.)

Very nice. Now find people to play with! Practice lags. And yes, the furry blur is always there.

Looks great. Congrats!

Are you worried about U.V light from the windows fading or perishing the felt? down the centre?

Congrats, Mike! Nice to see. A lot of planning and coordination and it looks great.

Congratulations Mike. Enjoy.

I'm happy for you, Mike - you've earned this! Your new (to you) table looks great - much like the ones I used to play on back in the day - and so does the shed/pool parlor/future gallery. Well done! :-)


So happy for you Mike. Enjoy the table.

Congratulations! Will the sunlight cause any fading or other issues? I have a very multi-toned carpet inside a double glazed south facing door. UV filters aren't just for lenses, it seems.

Are those feet adjustable to compensate for any minor settling without major work? They look as though they would be.

[Yes. --Mike]

Congratulations. An exceptionally good looking room and table. Enjoy!

Mike, I went searching for the image of your previous pool table to compare and discovered this nugget: <https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2013/10/open-mike-off-topic-sort-of.html>. Nice essay. So in the end, you've essentially gotten your previous pool table back in spirit. I find the design of both tables' feet appealing. Besides the trim behind the pockets being made of metal instead of wood, what else is different between your new and old pool tables? Is one considered more high-end than the other? I would like to see a picture posted of your pool room taken at night with only the light of the overhead luminaire.

Congratulations! Let the games commence!

I disagree Mike. Based o your blogging, I'd say its not an extravagance but a necessity. It gets you moving and exercising, it will bring you lasting enjoyment. These are things that will both bring you good health. Enjoy it, you deserve it.

Enjoy the table and the shed! That looks exactly like the table at my home town bowling alley in Elk Grove, Illinois. Early 60's Chicago - probably the same origin. When I moved to Wisconsin 40 years ago I was surprised that the bowling centers here do not offer pool - the only place to play is in bars. Sorry to say that I have not engaged in either sport since the early 80's. Keep up the O.T. posts - I enjoy reading them.

Lovely, just lovely.

Looks great! I am jealous! I grew up with an antique table in our basement and spent many hours with friends shooting pool. One word of advice is to get some UV film on those windows to protect the cloth. Enjoy!

Congratulations, Mike!!! Looks incredible.

That has turned out beautifully ! Enjoy. I do believe you will need a small fridge in there for summer refreshments.

Congratulations Mike! A pretty room, and nice looking table! Enjoy!!
Love the previous comments, especially “don’t forget to write”. Lol!

Wow, that is beautiful. Love the light fixture. Now you need a jukebox.

Very nice. Have fun! so does this mean no TOP updates for a couple of weeks? :)

A w e s o m e !

So college is more expensive than a house in the US?

[I don't own my house...I have equity in it and the bank owns the rest. I pay them a mortgage. --Mike]

I would stop by the House of Billiard three time a week after work. Pandemic has put a stop to that for now. It is best therapy money can buy.

That is a handsome and, no doubt, extremely heavy piece; congratulations. I did read somewhere (on this site, probably) about the huge benefits to neck health by playing pool to counteract the negative effects of using a computer device for hours daily. It's an idea I like, but am yet to have the chance (or extreme need) to try out.

Woohoo! Looks fantastic! I hope you enjoy it for a long time, and often.

I know there was some discussion about how to treat the ceiling. You made a great choice, especially the color. Very appropriate for the space. Enjoy your new room.

Makes my Leica Q2 Mono on/off dream look quite a modest one.

It also illustrates different psychologies: I could never spend money that way unless I did have a huge "bucket" of spare money to spend. On the other hand, your spending should only add to the value of the house; my dream, like a boat, would be a sinking asset from the moment it arrived.

All that said, the end product looks amazing: I wish you many happy years using it, and don't forget its secondary, photo-display function... :-)


My 1st thought after seeing that table, "I pumped a lot of quarters into one of those when I was a kid".
Great project!

Looks fabulous. Wish I could help you out with your interior trim, but you're not exactly "around the corner" from me, here in VA.

Ignore the pool haters. More O.T. pix please.

I would be so torn! A choice of studio space + darkroom or sports room with snooker table + table tennis table.

My best wishes to you Mike for good relaxation and exercise.

I’m so glad you’ve done this and the project is finished! I don’t play pool, so no worries about me begging to come join you! 😂 I have attempted to play in the past, but wasn’t very good. That’s one occasion when I knew when to quit.

Have fun!

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