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Friday, 01 January 2021


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I'm about your age, Mike and I too remember Gilligan's Island in its first run. It is amazing how each week I was sure they'd get off the island this time, not understanding how short the series would be if the did.

In the '70s or so, there was a test to find your ideal mate (if you were a guy)... which do you prefer, Ginger or Mary Ann? Being a chooser of Mary Ann myself, the world is a little sadder this week, if that's possible.

Have a good year.

Happy New Year Mike...glad 2021 has begun...stay safe, be well.

I had no idea that Gilligan's Island was a comedy until I read this post. (In my defence, I'm 61 [and English])
; )

Have a very good year Mike

I guess I'm older than you, Mike.
The first thing I remember watching, on a sort of oval, 7 or 8 inch screen, was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
That was in 1952.
As in your memory, I was six at the time.

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