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Friday, 29 January 2021


Marty Forscher used to do that, except that he took delight in distracting the customer with some sleight of hand and handing back a working un-jammed camera to the customer at no charge.

The Fuji Medium format cameras are my new dream cameras. But I am perfectly happy with my 50mp Canon 5Dsr. I am surprised that the new Sony Alpha 1 can do 30 fps at 50mp! Mine can do only 4.5fps. But also mine can’t do eye autofocus. Or 8k video, or even 4k video. I think all these advancements are wonderful. But I can’t afford them yet. I have been without eye AF all my life, so I can wait a few more years, while my eyes are still good enough.

I thought of writing "No discussion of the 27mm weather sealed lens?" I thought that would have almost been automatic for you given your attachment to the 40mm full frame field of view, also after recently buying my first Fuji camera, an X-Pro3, I've been dithering between the 23mm and 35mm Fujicrons and that 27mm is looking rather interesting to me.

I hope you're a'workin' on it :-)

Forget the 50MP version, you need to review this camera!

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