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Wednesday, 06 January 2021


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Huh. Of course, I took a shot at the photos before the reveal and thought "well, not sure I recognize the photos themselves, but the style is Lee Miller."

Oh dear, the light, the windows. Who could get work done at that desk, with that view? The stacks of prints on the coffee table. And that gorgeous French light. I hope it gave him a lifetime of pleasure.

That flat is valued at €17 million. Fashion seems to have paid him well.

I wonder whether the Calder mobiles are included...

I like the industrial bookshelves. Image #6 on Sotheby's gets me - a realtor listing focused on an emerald door knob!

Exactly why I've sought to donate my photobook collection to a worthy organization, while I still can. Fortunately, I was able to find one- the Bronx Documentary Center.

I want that machinery picture over the door.

These auction houses know how to market high end stuff. Check out the pile on books on the table in photo #11 - a stack of Lindberg's books. And only 17M Euros for the place!
That reminded me of an email I received in 2009 from Christies. They were selling a watch that belonged to Briggs Cunningham, famous for both his racing cars and America's cup endeavors. The watch was a Patek Philippe from 1951 of extreme rarity. They ended up using 6 photos for their catalog taken by Howard Wolery, my photo/art teacher in high school. I had been charged with conserving and eventually donating his collection of photos as he fell victim to Parkinsons. The catalog was a work of art itself. And the watch? It sold for almost $4Million to the makers of the watch and now resides in their museum.
Here is one of the photos they used - BC and his Bentley.

Here is a story about Briggs Cunningham and his cars and watches. The watch is "Reference 1526" https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-incredible-watches-and-cars-of-briggs-cunningham

Aside: Christies paid us several grand to use the photos which I donated to the Watkins Glen Racing Library who also got all of Howard's photos.

Michael, the Watkins Glen Library is your neighbor - you should visit them!

Browsing the photos of another luxury Paris property on that site - listed for 80,000,000 euro - I came across some large Horst P Horst prints on the walls. Who says the 1% don't have taste?

Have you forgotten your post on Lindbergh after he died?

(just kidding - I don't remember it either)

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