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Wednesday, 16 December 2020


but here's the problem—visitors don't look at older posts. After a post has been up for 3–5 days, it's only getting a small fraction of the views it got when it was fresh.
I’ve commented about that before. You don’t make it easy. Firstly it must be trivial to put a searchable marker after each batch of fresh comments are added (though I accept that some comments seem to be added later out of posted order and featured comments are sometimes (not always?) removed from the ‘stream’.
Also we do not know when comments are added/updated. I think there must be some mechanism to indicate this so it either shows up on the blog, you tweet it (probably the best way), or ‘renovate’ the notifications sent by IFTT or RSS. I have trawled through the Typepad instructions (most of which are Greek to me) but there doesn’t seem to be any way the reader can discover these things :(.

Furthermore :) ... among the many jobs you do at TOP are Writer and Editor. Maybe you should relax on the Editor one a little and allow some to post comments without moderation — maybe you can have a ‘whitelist’ and/or and make people ‘sign in’?

You know ... you've just invented the solution to your "buried comments" problem. A periodic post of "buried comments." Dig them up, so to speak.

"*The record for the most comments for one post is 701."

But what was the post?? Something to do with pool tables I expect.

[Well, naturally. And not even all complaints! --Mike]

What about a Monday morning wrap-up of the prior week, "Belated Featured and Noteworthy Comments?"

A good friend from high school, (he and I are both 78), has had a train set since forever. Once we're through this pandemic time, I plan to invite myself to his house to see what the decades of his pursuit have wrought.

Yes, the fact that we tend, in this digital age, to be afflicted with three-minute minds makes older threads well-nigh invisible to us. We need a little black dot beside each thread that receives a fresh comment for at least a month after initiation.

I also need a little black warnining dot to spring to mind before I post: in the recent thread about most-used cameras I mentioned having an unused Nikon F: I should have written Nikon F3. The F went decades ago. And so we slowly slip away...


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