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Monday, 21 December 2020


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In Australia, police operate with impunity. Even when there is video footage and credible eye witnesses, juries always acquit.

Police are the only "service" without discipline or accountability. And this in a country without an excuse of poor training or selection. Our police are exceptionally well trained. They're just dehumanised after the first year on the job. I would
not be immune from that myself.

Inexcusable hooliganism. I don't care what your cause, no one has the right to do this to innocent people (owners, employees). Like the beloved camera store in NYC.

I've been a DD-B admirer at one remove since before I got back into photography. <3

@ Joe Holmes - WOW!

Well done, sir.

Ok Mike you got me on the how not to diet book via the Amazon link (kindle).
Funny but I have been watching Dr. Gregor on YouTube not connecting this book with him.

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