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Wednesday, 23 December 2020


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Is it ok to place a pool table on a rug? No chance of unevenness?

[Well, you might not want to put it on a thick rug with a heavy pad, because it might settle over a few days or weeks and you'd have to call the mechanic back to re-level it which could be a pain. Unless you can do it yourself. But generally, rugs are fine. This carpet is so thin there's unlikely to be any problem. My problem will more likely be the structure itself. It's possible that will settle and I'll have to adjust the level. But the legs on my table are adjustable so it's possible I could adjust it myself if any problem develops. --Mike]

Will you have a mechanic reassemble the table?

[Yes. They're coming on January 11th. Can't wait! --Mike]

Is it a one piece slate table? When I was working at the Montgomery Ward in Iowa City, IA in the late '70s while attending the U there, I sold the Wards pool tables with a three piece slate and then made some extra money on the side assembling the pool tables. The three piece slate gave people a home table advantage for sure.

The most impressive full sized billiards/snooker room and table I ever saw was in a Victorian-era (pre 1900) holiday house in Leura, a mountain village in the Blue Mountains, two hours west of Sydney, Australia. Six table legs each rested upon a tier of bricks that protruded through the wooden floor, each capped with a slab of marble! Whoever set it up really enjoyed the game. The room itself was vast, no problem with awkward, cramped strokes.

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