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Tuesday, 08 December 2020


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I haven't kept track of your plans for the ceiling or the advice consensus. But the white walls with the grey joists, etc. look fantastic. Don't change them!


The open trusswork ceiling with gray paint looks great. It opens up the space vertically, and fools the eye into believing it is larger.

Crown moulding at the top of the drywall would finish the wall space nicely, and could be paired with picture rail moulding for your gallery aspirations. Nice to hang artwork without poking holes in the freshly finished walls. Makes moving things around, or up and down, easy too.

Good call on painting the ceiling and rafters the same color.

It's the exact opposite of what I suggested and I was wrong. I like it.

Your local "indoor lumber yard" aka Big Box Store should have 1x4 (¾" x 3-½") pine or spruce material for sale. A real lumber yard surely will. No need to buy a table saw. But you will obviously have to cut it to length. A miter saw of some sort is a nice way to do that.

Lookin' good.

Home Depot and Lowes have pre-primed moldings in several sizes and styles. All you have to do is cross cut them to length.

Very handsome. Nice work.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors pool room and gallery!

Many Cheers,


Wow, really does look much better than I imagined. Looking forward to seeing the finished project with books, table, stereo, photos, and perhaps sleeping dog.

Mike, for trim work you don't need a table saw, you need a miter saw. For 9 cuts of non-fancy trim, you might even get by with a miter box and a fine toothed hand saw. Alas, my miter saw weighs too much to ship to NY. ;)

I love the exposed trusses. Just a thought on millwork. Keeping it simple and casing the windows in the gray you used on the trusses might be cool.

I wonder about the acoustics. When I miss an easy shot some expletives deleted can occur- would they echo there?

Enjoying your pool shed posts. Though your color scheme may be a bit conservative. See below.


I agree with the two featured comments (as of this writing) that the ceiling and walls look good together this way! I was less doubtful than some commenters on a previous post, but still somewhat doubtful. Thanks for a picture that shows them so clearly!

Is there an old fashioned lumbar yard nearby. Not a chain store type. Ask them for a recommendation on somebody retired with a nicely equipped shop who likes to earn some side money towards a new piece of equipment.

Mike that ceiling looks a lot better than I thought it might. Good job.

Mike, it's not too late to change tracks and make it a darkroom instead...!


Your grey ceiling reminded me of one of my first projects as an architect 50 years ago. I was working on a mortuary upgrade and had the ceiling painted grey with a downstand concrete beam painted yellow. Now Pantone have announced a grey and a yellow as colours of the year. Hope your work is nearing completion.

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