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Wednesday, 16 December 2020


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Once again you have pushed a long lost button in my brain.Panos with "the bones showing" is a new term to me, but making those was something we infrequently did in the olden days of film. I liked better what I got with my xPan but these could be fun.

Ye who have grown up with nothing but digital and computers and software can;t even begin to realize what you missed. I feel so sad for those of you who never had to shoot an NCAA regional basketball game with a Nikon F with standard prism, no motor and only a 35/2 and a 50/3.5 macro. And I spit on today's idiots that find two card slots a requirement. Ever shoot basketball with nothing more than a pocket full of 36 ex rolls of Tri-x? Those of us who did never found that crippling.

Hi Mike

Back in 1978 I did some printing work for a gentleman named Ralph Pepper.
When Ralph retired he walked into my office and presented me with his Rolleiflex stuff which I mostly still have
Mark Layne Nova Scotia

At 60, I felt as if I just got started despite already practicing for 40 yrs- to see what she accomplished at her late start is both impressive and inspiring.

Mike wrote, "She also had a secondary interest in the province's landscapes, making multiples created by patching together different frames—panoramas with the 'bones showing' you might say."

These panoramas are a great example of why we should all be conscious of ...

Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien
Dit que le mieux est l'ennemi du bien.

(In his writings, a wise Italian
says that the best is the enemy of the good)"


How many of us have images in our computers or file cabinets that need just a little more work which they will never receive? I certainly do. They will be lost forever.

Speaking of talented Canadians, I just learned that Neil Young Archives (NYA) is free to everyone through the end of the year via the NYA desktop site. This couldn’t be better timing for me since I took a queue from Mike’s Pool Hall and treated myself for the coming winter lockdown. In my case I upped my audio game in a couple of inexpensive ways with one being a new Audioengine N22 desktop amp to pair with my “old” Denon SC-M37’s. I’m a very happy boy.

Neil Young Archives Instagram page from the 11th.

We are doing well here and feeling good. We hope you are well too. Our hearts go out to all those families touched. We want you to enjoy what we have to share at NYA.

Through the holidays NYA will be available for free to everyone on our desktop site.

Lots of Love,

Neil & NYA

Just a correction on Michel Hardy-Vallée‘s post above. I believe he meant Moe Doiron who was a photographer at a number of newspapers in Toronto.

Forty years with what appears to be one camera with a fixed lens. A very sensible lady.

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