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Tuesday, 01 December 2020


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Wow! If that album was mine I'd have a tough time selling it for ANY amount.

But after careful scanning, I think I'd manage it.

World's Creepiest Doll?
Can't be a Cabbage Patch, must be a Mother in Law Doll, right?

The late Lauren Simonutti, who made the creepiest modern photographs I have seen, had a similar but three-faced doll in one of her photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/laurensimonutti/339050316/

I miss her coming to the Ballarat Photo Bienniale.


Didn't realize that the Stanford library moved their albums to the Cantor Museum. They were just part of the library collection when I looked at them.

I am surprised the album was not valued higher, as original Watkins prints are extremely rare due to most of Watkins’ plates and prints being destroyed by fire following the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake. If you are interested in more about Carleton F. Watkins, I wrote a article about Watkins as part of the photography history series for my blog:


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