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Tuesday, 08 December 2020


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I would appreciate feedback on the best software for B/W conversion. I do not mean Lightroom nor Pshop but the methods/tools used.

A B&W lover and shooter myself, I far prefer the color image to any of the monochrome versions of the scene because, for me, none of the latter comes as close to evoking the nostalgia, tranquility and warmth of a late sunny afternoon as the original does.

While I enjoyed the monochromes as very interesting and instructive exercises in B&W conversion, I feel that some subjects are 'made' and beg to be shot in color and that this quiet pastoral scene is a case in point. I am also put in mind of many of your other beautiful color images made before and about that time (e.g. http://www.steves-digicams.com/smp/07102005.html).

Yep, B&W is one large section of the photographic landscape, not one narrow thing.

But so is "color"; ask any professional color printer (or, even more, film colorist, I think the title is, the people who do color grading for professional video / motion picture work).

And...the corner of my eye keeps reading the title of this post in the left column nav area as "B&W is expensive". Which is not even particularly true, but still amusing to me.

Crows? Raptor? Couldn't figure it out until I tried to clean my laptop screen and realised that those weren't dirt marks..

(There's a gentle hint include in that comment)

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