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Thursday, 17 December 2020


Congratulations on your 15th anniversary! And thanks :-)

Congratulations on a wonderful 15 years in this little corner of cyberspace! On the internet, that makes you an elder statesman. (People like Tim Berners-Lee are considered "the ancients.")

The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely....

"Hopefully before I go I'll post some links to some gems from the archives" Helps with the lockdown blues.

"Dang, I missed our birthday! " Happy Belated anyway.

"a lovely snowfall last night. Nine inches where I am," How about a pic or two? Maybe experiment with exposure compensation to retain texture in the snow surface?

I remember way back in the beginning when Michael Reichman announced your blog. I think mine had just started.
It's the only blog I have followed ever since.

merry Xmas.


Monday is the 21st not the 22nd. I hope that's a typo and not a major screw up.

Merry Christmas to all.

Congratulations on 15 years and hopes for at least 15 more. Of the many photo sites I've checked out over the last 11 years yours is the only one I'm still with from the beginning of my discovering you.
Thanks for many years of insight,inspiration, awesome information, thoughtful articles and much entertainment. May you be blessed in 2021 and beyond.

Congratulations! I've been reading you since The 37th Frame. I've got them somewhere around here...

Congratulations on reaching a laudable, and rare, milestone, Mike. In a world where the great majority of blogs are abandoned within the first few years (or months) TOP has survived and maintained a devoted following,

The featured post reminded me to say "thanks" !

Thanks very much indeed, for 15 years of free infatiguable quality content. I'm probably in my tenth year or so reading it.

Happy Birthday TOP

Congratulations. Been following since the Photo Techniques days. Really enjoy your unique approach to this blog.

Thanks, Michael, for all your efforts. You have stayed here for us through thick and thin. You have a special kind of fortitude. I hope you can carry on for many more years. If I manage to do the same, I will be here.

Happy Anniversary & Happy Xmas. All the best for 2021.


Congratulations on 15 years of TOP! Here's to 15 more.

I look forward to at least one print offer in 2021. I'm sure they are a massive headache for you, but I'm always intrigued. If I turn to my left, I see a lovely dye transfer print that I wouldn't have but for your print offer.

Season's greetings,


Congratulations, Not a big poster though I look forward to T.O.P. posts, they always sound like the voice of sense in the vast wilderness of posts done by people with microscopes for picture critique!

Anyway enjoy your Christmas break and lets hope we can all look forward to a better safer 2021.

I started taking photographs and discovered your blog at the same time. To say you've been a major influence would be an understatement. Thanks Mike.

Well done Mike. I hope you have fleshed out a plan to keep going for the next 15 years.



It's been a great run Mike. Just keep being you and we'll keep coming back.

Happy holidays

Smile Mike!

I think I discovered TOP around 2006, and since then it is the main photography resource I have been following. Yours is one of the few sites I check daily, and I thank you very much for the interesting, entertaining, insightful, often funny, and always intelligent content you post in TOP. Here you have another reader for many years!

Congrats and thank you for all you've shared.

Congrats on the longevity; on the diet: just say no to too much intake, and keep that a firm commitment, just like you have with the blog.

Dropping anything like overeating is not a major deal: it just takes the realisation of the harm that not getting real does one. The more you build it up in your mind as some terrible tragedy, a sacrifice of sorts that you have to make, the more out of proportion you make it appear to your mind, and consequently, the more difficult.

Like smoking, there are no ways to quit other than to quit: playing games of "just" one in the morning and one at night simply makes the entire act of smoking seem exciting and worthwhile, a pleasure you are giving up, whereas the truth is that it's a disgusting form of attempted suicide with collateral damage that can drag others near one down into the same unwelcomed pit.

Sermon over. Have a great holiday, and season's greetings to you and all your readers!


Thank you. I have followed you since the 37th frame and Luminous Landscape times. I have followed a few photography blogs almost daily, but have given up on all of them, except one, because they all turned boring, abusive, or silly, sometimes all three. TOP is the only one that has stayed relevant, respectful and interesting throughout the years. Thank you and really hoping you can keep it up.


Happy birthday to TOP. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for persevering and keeping TOP rolling along. Checking in with you and TOP has been a part of my everyday life since you started your blog. I am very grateful for that. I enjoy your writing very much.

The photography posts are great, of course, and the OT posts are always interesting, even if I don't play pool or eat as healthy as I should. I hope you are able to keep TOP going for as long as you enjoy doing it.


15 years is a lot, in these Internet times.

But I miss printed 37th Frame....

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, Mike. Thank you. And Happy Birthday TOP!

Congratulations Mike. And thank you for sharing all these years.

Congratulations on the 15 years, Mike. Your thoughtful musing, coupled with your unique curated commentariat, has deepened my understanding of various perspectives over these many years.

Happy birthday TOP. I hope and wish you continue with "The Online Photographer" for many years to come Mike. I have been following you since Camera and Darkroom Magazine, then PHOTO Technique Magazine, then ... .

Congratulations! I can't believe it's been 15 years. I started off reading The Sunday Morning Photographer, which I believe started at the same time I started working at a camera store. 2002, right? 18 years... over that time we've seen the rise of digital, the death of film, and then its rebirth. Quit a remarkable journey. I'm glad to have had you and the community of readers as guides along the way.

Happy birthday TOP and many greetings to you Michael. It is always a pleasure to read you on any topic.
Best Regards for the new year.

Happy anniversary..and thanks for everything you have done...

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