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Tuesday, 22 December 2020


Hi Mike,

for your non-US readers: the book was published about a month ago and is widely available world wide.

And: please support your local bookstore when ordering.

Greetings and best wishes from Holland,
Hans van der Molen

[Hi Hans, I am also a bookstore!! Selling books and cameras is how TOP has survived this long. My business is about the same as a small-to-midsized bricks-and-mortar independent bookstore, but without the overhead, and offered in the same spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie. Every time you buy a book or other product through my links, you contribute a little of the profit to TOP. So, please support your non-local bookstore as well. At this moment, it needs it. Merry Christmas! --Mike]

I will "jump the gun" on what I think of this: I think it is a wonderful idea! Your past recommendations prove what a real gift (genius) your work experience, combined with your own tastes, have for identifying exceptional books. I will just have to hide my credit card from myself, if history is any measure. Thanks!

Ray Hunter

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