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Sunday, 08 November 2020


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And we now have a practical example of the heretofore theoretical time value of paint or stain.

Isn’t it amazing how much dedication it takes to lose weight but weight gain is as easy as pie? (sorry) I’ve lost 10 in the last 30 days and am shooting for 15 more.

Looks good, I like that color.

We've been meaning to stain/paint our back deck since we moved in, in 2013. The fact that we need to power wash/sand the deck first may be having an effect on our resolve.

Take heart Mike. There is no way you gained five pounds of fat in a week. That would amount to an extra 16000+ calories. More likely you have a lot of retained water. (Salty food?) Cut back on the salt, drink water and go to bed early. Your body will adjust and you will be back to normal.

Re: Item 4

I stained my decks this spring and immediately afterwards the wind blew pine needles into the still wet stain where they got stuck. It took a lot of brooming over the summer to dislodge the needles but the deck now looks great as we head into winter.

Well done! Don't be concerned about getting tired doing work like that - its normal no matter your age. When you re younger you don't know to stop. When you are older your ambition is greater because you've had all that extra time to consider the task but your stamina isn't increased to the same extent. House proud is a good thing, especially for a person who obviously also appreciates his neighbours. What colour would you choose for the dogs?

It's a matter of degree, Mike. Instead of painting the apartment interior, which I last did about twenty years ago, I clean the apartment. Painting, at 83, would probably give me another heart attack, whereas cleaning the place gives a sense of rejuvenation - after the event, which before the event threatens to do me in if I even try.

Actually, though the ceilings would probably be the physical killers, it's the psychological and physical challenge of moving furniture around prior to painting that puts the lid on the painting ideas every time. Alone, I lack the strength to move heavy stuff. With my wife to help we managed, but not any longer.

After she died I had neither need nor call for things romantic, so I stopped using the wood fire and have gone to electricity for heating; it's much cleaner and less damaging to paintwork. But electricity has no character, far less any romance, much like some types of photography.


Being uncritical as have been finished yet my Master of Arts in philosophy? may I say I like your backyard.

I’m not sure but I think the difference between paint and stain is a bit like in inkjet printing you can have pigment based inks and solvent based inks. I think paint has pigments and stain doesn’t. Sort of solid coloured particles instead of just coloured liquid.

Painting coats and hides wood, while stain penetrates the wood and lests you see the structure in the wood. Stain wears away gradually and need periodic re-coating. Paint peeling requires extensive scraping. And some types of oil based stains is something in between stain and paint.

Confirming Painty Umbos comment about no fat painters. Just do an online search for Marc Riboud's Eiffel Tower painters

Y'know, Mike, if you've been doing all that physical work this past week, and feeling the burn, some of that 5 pounds could very well be muscle. And given the extra strenuous activity, you should have upped your caloric intake, and it sounds like you smartly (if unintentionally) did. You might have needed and made other adjustments, as well. One problem with diets, as you know, is that they can be overly rigid. There may be by-products besides muscle in those pounds, and, as someone mentioned, possibly water, which I hope you've been drinking plenty of. Anyway, I doubt there's significant new fat.

On the other hand, when it was a lot colder the previous week, I commiserated with a friend on our seasonal pre-hibernation eating habits. But the warmer weather seems to have curtailed that binge.

Aha! I finished staining our deck/stairs just a week or two ago. Semi-solid oil based stain. The prep work takes longer than the actual staining. It took sanding (never power washing) washing letting it dry takes time and much effort. With tax $60 a gallon for the well reviewed stain I used. Your deck and table look great!
Photos of the area you live in are appreciated.
It might be a pin-hole camera, phone or your coming 4x5 large format- I will enjoy them all.

We are clearly living in the glory days of modern color finishes. The current crop of paints are *so* much better than they were 20 years ago.

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