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Tuesday, 10 November 2020


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Being myself an Olympus user, I follow him through his Youtube channel. Informative and much more optimistic about Olympus future than me.

Bokeh. So that was your fault!

:-) LOL

What a character! Happy, happy guy. You are forever to be known as the Boheh Buddha throughout Asia.

I like Robin's work.


TIL two things.

One. You brought back Bokeh from Japan? No small feat.

Two. What TIL means. Now I know OMG. LOL and TIL. That should keep me current for another decade.

Nice background bokeh in the video, I see...

And for the description, “king of bokeh”, which I imagine is rather regrettable. Can’t win them all. Although you likely helped sell a boatload of v.4 35 Summicrons, including in the current used market. You should receive royalties. ;)

[Yes, that was a misstep. The bokeh of that lens is only good within certain parameters. --Mike]

Not genius:
'Influencer' then... :-)

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