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Sunday, 22 November 2020


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If I ate meat (I don't), and I were in striking distance of Ithaca (I live in Ireland), I'd love to try meat from Pete and Hilarie at Just a Few Acres farm.

They have a fabulous YouTube channel and shows what life is like as a small-scale meat farmers (beef, pork and chicken) today. They raise meat ethically and cleanly, as far as I can tell. They do so with love and passion too. I can only imagine their meat tastes like meat should.

Hahaha... Mike!!!!! I will admit to sneaking a tiny portion of Nancy's smoked salmon this weekend...

Along Moose's lines, I'll do a base sauce of soy, white wine (or vegetable stock), hoisin, chili-garlic sauce. Sometimes rice wine vinegar. Sometimes a dash of spicy ketchup. With cornstarch, it makes a versatile sauce. I'll often use it in a tofu/veggie stirfry.

Loving the shed updates. I think you're going to be very happy with the end result.

I will certainly try this.Thanks for the recipe Mike. I know I probably shouldn't say this but I am glad that you are taking on a little meat. Veganism comes with its own problems. https://news.sky.com/story/vegans-more-likely-to-break-bones-than-meat-eaters-study-finds-12139886

In what universe is this a stew? A stir fry, yes. Stews are slow-cooked in liquid to soften tougher cuts of meat, not great meat quickly sauteed.

Buy yourself an Instant Pot, they're the iPhone of cooking contraptions.

Mike, of course meat's not so good for you if you tend to eat it almost raw, as you suggest in your recipe: who knows what invisible stuff needs to be cooked dead before it's safe to consume!

I recommend thick bean and vegetable soups; easy to make and very filling, but can bring with them the hazard of extra gas. The same applies to frozen prawns that are easy to thaw and make a good bedfellow to rice, though prawns, too, can make their memory felt at later inconvenient moments that age makes more difficult to foresee and control. The worst bit, though, is the time that all cooking takes up, time better spent outdoors with a camera. It's my conviction that cooking has deprived me of many a photographic masterpiece: just this morning it was a toss-up between the two activities, and my stomach won.

I wasn’t going to ‘weigh-in’, but I saw a commentators line about not being bean soup, and had to laugh, and agree, double “whew”.
Your concoction did look good, and with meat,- and practical, one pan and easy clean up.
It’s none of my business, but I’m glad to see you stretching you diet limitations just a bit. I always thought your eating choices a bit austere, and not much fun. It shouldn’t be about nutrition and weight lose, although that’s important.
I look at it this way, food, like photography should be enjoyed and be fun!
Fred 😁

My Doc says "Fat doesn't make you fat, sugar makes you fat. And you need some fat in your diet" Olive oil is my favorite.

One of the best meals I cooked for myself was a cheap roast in a small electric pressure cooker. I browned it good on all sides, added some water and onion flakes and started the pressure cooking. In a pressure cooker you can't see what is going on, so I just let it cook. Then it started to sound different so I turned it off and took the lid off, and the water was all gone but there was some fat from the meat, and the meat was perfect. I can still taste how good and tender it was.

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