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Monday, 09 November 2020


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That has to be the Harris family (with Kamala on the left?).

Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala Harris, Maya Harris

Let's not forget the FlashBar!

I believe that's VP elect Kamala Harris with her mother and sister.

If I recall, the photo was used to illustrate a New Yorker story a few months ago.

Our next VP.

The Kodak Instamatic was my first camera in 1972.

Kamala Harris, her sister and her mom?

Kamala Harris, VP-elect, her mom and sister, Oakland California.

Our next Vice-President!

. . . and mother and sister.

Too easy! Kamala Harris with her sister and mother.

Isn't that Kamala Harris' mom?

Shyamala, Kamala, and Maya.

Oh, and I also had an Instamatic when I was in 5th grade (or 5th form, as I was in England with my mom who had a Fulbright Grant.). Many adventures, lots of travels. Not quite clear whose camera it was---some disagreements on that one---but I used it a lot (although not at school, sadly)and took my first image with it that I actually understood to be a good one (in Delphi). I remember that "Aha!" moment .

Kamala Harris, of course, with her sister and mother.

I sold a dozen little flashbulbs this past year, along with a collapsible flash. Was it Sylvania that offered Press 25? That plastic coating used to contain shattered glass certainly had a distinctive odor. I'm glad that's all long gone.

Can see the likeness in her face even then. Do we know the story, where they were going? Was it her father behind the camera?

I say Kamala Harris

Our next VP?

That is Kamala Harris, her mother, and her sister.

Easy one - that's Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris, her sister Maya and her mother Shyamala. Most likely in Oakland, CA.

I wasn't born until 3 months after that photo was taken, but I do remember the smell of flashcubes. Alas, my first camera was a Kodak disc camera (ahem), with an electronic flash.

Kamala Harris

That would be Veep (elect) Harris!

Kamala Harris.

I venture the guess that one of those children is now our Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris.

Ah Yes. The smell of burnt plastic does linger in the mind.

Ah yes! Are you thinking of magicubes used by my first camera an Instamatic - no need for a battery; such light, the smell, the molten lump when the spring loaded wire was released and they 'exploded'.
Here a pic of my dad on Christmas morning opening the present from me: a book of jokes so rude that I did not know what I was giving him. (I was perhaps 10 years old). My second camera was at age 12 when my grandfather took me into town, I had in mind to get a Polaroid, he bought me a Practika Super TL, and from then I used Kodachrome 64 just like he did.

Mom sister and Kamela?

And, oh, yeah about the Instamatic and the flash cubes. I took my first photos with that. My mother used one for years till she went back to college and took an art class on photography and bought a Canon AE-1 with the nifty 50/1.8.

I followed her example when I got to Germany a year or so later and found an AE-1P with 50/1.8 at the PX.

But you can never forget the Instamatic once you held one in your hands.

Gotta' be Kamala Harris!

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, her sister Maya Harris and mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris.

That's Kamala Harris & her sister, with her mom in Berkeley, CA, where she spent some years of her childhood. That block is about 6 blocks from downtown. The Bay Area is proud of Kamala!

Kamala Harris

None less than our next Vice President, her mother and her sister.

Kamala Harris with her Mom and sister. I read about the picture in the past.

Mike, Mike, Mike that was a bit easy!
Kamala Harris is the girl on the left with her sister and mother. The picture was published recently in a BBC article:BBC News - Kamala Harris: The many identities of the first woman vice-president

That’s Kamala Harris in the photo above. Firs woman VP, she grew up just outside of San Francisco, in Berkeley CA

duh. Kamala Harris and mom, sister.

Real men had the 100- with individually loaded flash bulbs!

Our new Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, her mother and sister!

I believe the taller girl is Kamala Harris, her little sister Maya and their mother. The date on the photo would make Kamala 5 years old. I am guessing that the photo was taken in California, possible Berkeley.

The Vice-President elect (far left), her sister and mother?

A Pocket Instamatic was my first toy camera; the first little easy camera I had after I already had a big complicated camera.

I remember being deeply impressed reading about the camera and projector lenses being designed to expect the degree of film curvature the cartridges provided (while wondering just how consistent the cartridges were at that). My first practical example that the things we all took for granted (as desirable; not always achieved) like flat film and flat plane of best focus weren't the only way to do things. (I also knew about the shifts and tilts in view cameras early, but that was still discussed based on theoretical perfect planes of this and that.)

That Instamatic snapshot looks remarkably colorful and contrasty, compared to my memories of the real things.

I have no idea. This looks like a nice Afro-Jamaican/Tamil Indian family.

Gotta be Kamala Harris and family.

"one of them". I see what you did there.

Kamala Harris as a child. It's January and it's LA weather. There's an article in the LA Times with 11 images of her growing up in LA.https://www.latimes.com/books/la-et-jc-kamala-harris-young-photos-20180109-story.html

Ms. Harris? I seem to remember this photograph from an article I read a few weeks ago.

the smell of just fired flashcubes! Oh man...

The child on the left is VP-elect Kamala Harris, with her sister and mother.

(This image was featured on a BBC News website story a couple of days ago, “Who is Kamala Harris?”.) It’s not clear who took it, however - her father? A family friend?

I would guess that the the oldest young lady holding her sister’s hand is Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

I believe that's Kamala Harris as a child with her mother and sister. Absolutely a huge 'first' and hopefully a sign of more to come.

I'm going to guess Maya and Kamala Harris and mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris. If I'm correct, I'm sure that Kamala will always treasure being the first 'Mystery Woman' on TOP.

From left to right, that has to be Kamala, Maya and mom Shyalama.

I vividly recall the flashcubes (more specifically the “Magicubes” that worked without need of batteries, a detail I did not know about until much, much later), how clever it was that they would turn with the film advance so the next bulb was ready and in position. Then the later flip flashes that we used with the family Kodak 110 (one of those and a film cartridge would last us a year, being the proverbial “two Christmas trees and a swimsuit” family where photography was concerned).

They did have a characteristic smell, for sure.

Ooooo, pick me, pick me!

Kamala Devi Harris, the first woman VP-Elect, first Black and first South Asian woman for that post. Mom is Shyamala Gopalan Harris, and sister Maya Harris

Shayamala Gopalan and her two daughters Maya and Kamala, now the first woman, South Asian and Black VP-elect. What a fantastic breakthrough for a remarkable woman!

- the Canadian perspective.

Mike, this is too easy a quiz -- the photo of Kamala, her younger sister Maya, and their mother Shyamala Gopalan Harris has been in wide circulation during this political season. I applaud your posting it again; it gives me a chance to express my appreciation for your tacit backing of the new President and VP-elect. Smiles, from Arizona (now turning blue).

Girl in red... Michelle Obama?

Yep, I was in the Instamatic generation. The photograph brought back lots of memories and particularly the colours and square format when other cameras shot in 2:3 formats. The negatives, if I remember correctly, had no sprockets. I cannot recall the minimum distance to use on my camera, but could be 8 feet.

I assume that you must already know of Jim Alinder's book, Picture America, with words by Wright Morris. A beautiful collection of Instamatic photos that are perhaps now as timely as they have ever been.

I've lost track of how many times I've replaced this one for myself, after having given away my previous copy.

Bob Fogt

It is the vice-president elect, her sister and Mom. This image made the rounds after Harris' bussing shot that hit below the watermark during the primary debate.

Changed my mind... girl in yellow... Kamala Harris? She looks more like 6, with Indian mom.

The people in the photo are Kamala Harris, her younger sister, and her mother. I believe the photo was taken in Berkeley or Oakland, CA.

My guess is Kamala Harris and her mom and sis.

I’m gonna guess one of the kids is Kamala Harris? Fits the clue...

Can't remember the last time I smelled a burned flash bulb. It's a unique smell, isn't it? Wish I had saved a few. Funny how well smells trigger memory.

My guess? The older child is Kamala Harris, with her mom and her younger sister. I watched Harris's speech before Joe Biden's. She is a formidable speaker and a tremendous presence.

The "mystery woman" is Kamala Harris' mother. Kamala is on the left in this photo that I saw accompanying a story about her.

Michelle Obama and kids?

An important (and welcome) first indeed.

I think Ive seen this photo before, during the primaries. Those Instamatics, and the flashcube especially, always remind me of childhood vacations in Italy, of the Forum Romanum and of Capri.

Kamala Harris, left, with her sister, Maya, and mother, Shyamala, in Berkeley, Calif., in 1970.

I still remember the smell of a freshly opened roll of Kodachrome, as well as fired flashbulbs.

Meant to say Michelle Obama's mom and HER kids.

This is why I read you Mike. I'd forgotten all about the smell of just fired flash cubes! Thank you.

Now I'm also remembering the used-flash bulb toss that my grandmother used to do. She was a prolific shutter bug.

For those unfamiliar with them, bulbs only fired once unlike the automatic 4 flashes of a cube. To take another picture after using a flash bulb, you pressed a button to pop it out from the flash gun reflector so that you could load a fresh bulb in its place. Spent bulbs popped out with a certain zest. It was tempting to catch them mid-air, but they got hot! It was hard to remember how long they took to cool, and to be patient when more pictures were waiting to be taken. Hence the used-bulb juggle. :-)

That's the Vice President Elect, her mother, and her sister.

I'm truly impressed that Craig A can identify the precise street corner. Personally, my obsessive compulsive eye drifted to the car whose roofline and window pillar are barely visible behind the bush on the right. The styling is anachronistic for 1970.

Yes! That smell.

My mom saved up paper towel wrappers, which I mailed off with a few bucks to get my "free" Instamatic. (It was probably worth only those few bucks).

I rode my mini-bike around the neighborhood with that camera dangling from the handlebars, whacking the hell out of it. No problem.

My very first camera!
The pictures I took with that camera are still in good shape, color accurate, fifty years old.
Amazing little Kodak.

Nice to meet you, Hugh!

“Mylvia and Berkeley Way? How’d you come to that?”

I felt the photo had a strong “downtown Berkeley area” vibe to it, and I had read on her Wikipedia page that her family briefly lived on Milvia Street, so that gave me a good head start for where to look on Google Street View.

Good to see glimpses of good old Berkeley from the 60s and one of its (now) most famous offspring.

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