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Saturday, 21 November 2020


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I take it they sprayed under the shed as well? Or is that insulated a different way?

What kind of music device will you have out there? I suppose a simple bluetooth speaker might be nice.

Interesting, thank you. I recon the foam does not breathe. What do you plan against moisture?

In timber frame construction it is normal to construct a cavity on the inner surface with battens and plasterboard which accommodates all electrical wiring. Wiring contained within the insulation can be subject to overheating and not allowed or recommended. When you get round to fitting a ceiling install a MF ceiling which can be suspended from the existing collars and levelled easily and most importantly dry lined so no wet trades.

Looks like you are going with Sherwin Williams paint. I took out my SW color strips (we just had our house exterior painted and I still have the strips) and compared what I see on the screen with the color of the strips. Wow! What a difference reflective vs. transmissive makes on the colors.

[The match looks pretty good on my monitor, at least if I put the swatches by the window and don't hold them up next to the monitor. But then, color matching across the web in general has got to be a crapshoot. --Mike]

P.S. I just realized that your interior color scheme is a lot like your blog's color scheme! :)

... closed-cell spray foam insulation ... is pretty fascinating stuff—at the high end of insulation materials for performance, but also for cost.

Better living through chemistry.


This sealant sounds like something that can turn your shed + hide-out or cocoon into sort of a bunker. Suitable for hibernating through the long winter ahead.

Butters and Lulu will love it.

And we won't be able to hear you snore nor bellyache, not that we are looking forward to it.

Dan K.

Looking forward to a photo (+ dimensions) of the bookshelves. My preferred source (Hale) doesn't sell traditional "library style" custom bookshelves anymore.

How about cream for the walls and ceiling and software for the rafters only?

Will make the space feel bigger and will make the rafters pop out nicely - if they are going to be exposed, might as well embrace them.

[Nope, that's the opposite of what I want to do. I don't want to draw attention TO the ceiling, I want to draw attention AWAY from the ceiling. I've certainly seen ceilings one would want to draw attention to, but this isn't one of them! --Mike]

Twenty power outlets in a shed?? That's got to be clipping on for the total built-in downstairs in our house... I guess someone felt outlet-deprived in their younger days, much like I always worry about headlamp brightness after my dark days in a 1978 Mini [in the early 90s]. Loved the car - hated the lights! Every car since has come with 'we're going to have to get some brighter bulbs!'.

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