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Friday, 13 November 2020


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Staff in the local camera shop to me in the Scottish Highlands, said that during lockdown macro lenses were much in demand, and hard to obtain whilst everyone was stuck indoors and, if lucky enough, their gardens. I noted that Thom Hogan said something similar occurted for your side of the pond.

Might be more competition entries next year... or lightly used macro lenses available on the second-hand market.

For fans of close-up photography, I want to offer a shout-out to Robert O'Toole and his terrific website, https://www.closeuphotography.com/

So often we limit ourselves to the lens options that manufacturers say we should use. In reality, there's a cornucopia of amazing lenses out there for close-up photography in surprising places. Robert is busily trying them all and providing a wealth of information.

For a look at some truly excellent macro photography and writing combined, take at look at Piotr Naskrecki's website at http://thesmallermajority.com Naskrecki is a PhD. entomologist, a superb photographer, and a fine writer. For lovers of the natural world, his blog at that website is a feast. And his books are equally excellent.

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