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Monday, 23 November 2020


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Very nicely written piece, Geoff.

I like monographs etc. but haven't got enough shelf space for more. The apartment's far from tiny, but with a large open-plan sitting room area that extends into the first of two parallel hallway/passages, it is kinda short on walls... that's the main reason I don't have more representative books on some of the fashion people I admire. In fact the only place with actual shelves is the office; the overflow lives in a cabinet beneath the tv and video machine. Neither do I intend removing my framed snaps from walls in order to make room for shelves.

Also, I decided some time ago not to buy any more books that are not available as hardbacks. Of course, I don't suggest for a second that I think of myself as any collector, in that special sense, just as someone who likes looking at nice photographs every now and then when I run out of online alternatives to boredom.

The Luminous Landscape site’s video archive (by subscription, unfortunately) includes a ‘Master’ series with Neill: 5 part interview with Kevin Raber (first segment free to non-subscribers), and 3 part on-location shooting at Yosemite (1hr 50 min total). Neill is a down to earth, modest and thoughtful communicator/teacher, as well as an experienced photographer.

Mr. Neill is really good. I have several of his works as landscape is my muse.

I'm not sure I like you any more! I just barely made my saving throw against the two-print collector package (but fell victim to the one-print version).

People should check out his ebook store—we probably all have decently-calibrated monitors (probably more of us have that than have properly-lit print viewing facilities), so while ebooks lack the tactile experience, we can see the photos pretty darned well, and his prices there are exceptionally good. I haven't seen people selling photo ebooks much; I'm trying it for my Words Over Windows project, but that format is not moving at all (paper book, and prints I'm surprised to say, have been doing decently though).

Geoff, thank you for your thoughtfully written review.

Thank you for this review!

good insulation works well. My darkroom was built with under floor and 6 inch walls heavily insulated as well as 30 inches in the ceiling.
I heat it with a small heater, and have to be very careful not to overheat. One time it was
95F when the outside was 40.

Sold! I picked up the limited edition version. And thanks to Mr Hogan’s Black Friday special’s listing, I was able to pick up a couple more books from Rocky Nook also on discount.
Merry Xmas to me, Merry Xmas to me....
Now I just need to make the time to read them. And, if only the cost of shipping to Australia didn’t exceed the cost of the purchase :~)

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