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Sunday, 22 November 2020


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I don’t like.

But now I am in Hong Kong and seeing the real horrible act could be done and have be done ... and would be done. Just like an author who when the enemy aircraft came she would say she is anti-war. Yes we are all anti- war. But the key is not let this to happen. And if it did, you cannot be anti-war. At least one has to be on the resistant side.

I am now on the resistance side. I hope someone in Poland can remember after occupation by Soviet Union or Germany. And then just have some empathy here.

I liked the movie. But the scenes inside the bunker took me out of my suspension of disbelief, because there were only bare bulbs lighting the place, but there were no shadows to be seen on anyones face.

a recent BBC programme about Berlin in 1945 showed a clip of Goebbles remains being found and showed the bodies of the children laid out in a row. Horrific. I understood the mother did it.

Magda Goebbels was only the most horrifying instance of a whole-family suicide carried out as the Russians approached Berlin. Lee Miller I think captured another one on film within the next day or two as the Western forces arrived.

Yes, there's a lot of stuff that's difficult to watch. The most horrific things I have seen:

The Wannsee Conference. It's very hard to watch, because it is so boring (I think it's a verbatim film transcription with actors of the actual conference, where these ghouls cooked up the "final solution". All of the "action" takes place around a board room table.

The Chekist, in which we watch the executions of scores of people in the basement of the building that the Cheka used.

The U.S. Army documentary footage of the liberation and aftermath of the death camps. My history professors showed us this at my school---when we were in 8th grade. Horrific. Now, we have deniers.

Regarding Downfall, here’s a less depressing option for you: there is a roughly 4 minute segment from the movie that is used for re-subtitled parodies on YouTube. Look for Hitler Finds out that Neil Peart is not the #1 drummer of all time. Or Hitler finds out his bicycle has been stolen. There are a ton of them.

What I cannot is to respond barbarism by... the same barbarism. In my book if you kill a human been you are a killer and that can be true almost for any living thing. But yes I know that many of us are carnivore and this is may be for this reason that sometime I cannot find sleep.

Downfall is worth a watch. I saw it in Erfurt when it was released. Quite extraordinarily, the public left the cinema in silence when it was over.
Schindler's list is also worth a watch, much better then the usual Spielberg stuff with Harrison Ford and the likes.

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