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Thursday, 01 October 2020


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My address is . . . :-)


"I put it off till too late because I always think it's too early until it isn't."

Shades of Yogi Berra, no? :)

For a long time when we lived on "Food Chain Farm," very year about this time I would collect the best photos from the farm and select a dozen or a few more and create the Food Chain Farm" calendar for our Christmas presents to friends. Most were scenes around the farm, some good photos like the dragonflies that came every year to our pond or the frogs embracing, birds, plants, the big sky we saw day and night, but the most comments came from the year I used a light table and very sharp knife to create sections of fruits and veggies, like this dragonfruit.

Sending a calendar does help ensure your photos will be displayed.

However we got complaints when we moved into the city and stopped the calendars. But several people told me they kept them and rotated them when the days matched up to the new year!

I stopped sending cards out years ago for various reasons. I do not have to think about creating new ones, I have several semi-opened and unopened boxes of cards. And with my significant other having the Covid-19-throwawayallthisstuff condition, most of these are going away.

Yeah, my old photographs were "pruned" over a month ago and my collection of old Sci-Fi books is about to be "disappeared" too. At present my old set of cameras is sort of off the RADAR, although my telescope is in a questionable state.

So it goes.

With the state of postal service degrading day by day, if you mail the card just before Christmas, the addressee might receive it by Chinese New Year.

A good reminder. I wonder how many people still mail cards. E-cards have become very popular.

I've always printed my own cards. For this Christmas season:


Rear of card

I love to send cards - not just during holiday seasons, but just to say hello, or comfort someone. I have almost 300 cards from over the years.


An old school mix CD makes a good holiday gift for anyone you know who still has a CD player and a small single fold card printed on light weight paper works well as a CD cover. The interior of my 20 year old Tacoma has CD’s tucked into every nook and cranny and the stereo still sounds great. It’s always nice to have a little “Ride of the Valkyries” or “Panama” on hand for those times when I’m running late.

FYI - I used your B&H link to place an order for some heavier weight paper and found that Canon is offering instant rebates on some of their stuff.

Great reminder! Never thought of sending a Xmas card with one of my photos printed on it. Seems obvious now! Oh! The Festivus reference made me chuckle.

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