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Friday, 09 October 2020


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Reminds me of Aaron Siskind’s series “Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation”

Striking image, although I have to say after a while it's a little bit sterile for my liking. I think H C-B points out the difference well. Although less dramatic, for me there is more humanity in Munkácsi's image

Nice captures... do check out the runners up.

I'm always late to the party, or the last to adapt. I carried "real" cameras around the world for 50-plus years and I never felt phone cameras were anything but a sketch pad until you could come back with a true photographic tool.

Lately, I've discovered how useful my (android) camera can be, especially with the already built in editing tools that I didn't know existed. I was out with my Fujifilm Xpro2 and 35mm lens and came upon a scene that screamed for a wide angle. Just for the record shot, I snapped with my phone until I could return with my 16mm (24mm-e). I was surprised how good the phone did, and even more so when I found the editing capability.

I still can't see the phone screen without putting on my cheaters or when the sun is at certain angles, but I'm using my phone as a camera more often.

I expect that you have just copied the phrase 'taken on a Liberian beach', as it is commonly used in describing that photograph, but in fact Lake Tanganyika is several thousand miles from Liberia, so either the phrase is incorrect, or the title of the photograph is.

It's a very nice shot but I prefer Munkacsi's. What interests me is the wave in Munkacsi's picture - it's not the sort of wave I'd expect to see on a lake shore, even a large (albeit skinny) lake like Lake Tanganyika. But since Munkacsi says it was taken there, I guess it was.

...and just to show what a rabbit hole the internet is, when I went looking for waves in Lake Tanganyika I came across Schistosomiasis - a good reason to stay out of the water!

Anyone else think about how photos of naked children are ok if they are poor or not white but outrageous if they are white. Its always seemed to me to be a racist thing and still applies in todays newspapers and media.
I am not trying to argue nudity is wrong just how we in western society view it.

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