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Saturday, 24 October 2020


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Judging by the lay of the poolroom, you'll only be playing two pockets.

Please tell me the pool table has another way in than through this small door!

[Nope, that's it. The pool table will come through in pieces. --Mike]

More play spaces are always better. I suspect Butters and Lulu have checked out and approved of your new living quarters? Happy winter ahead!

Great to see this project moving forward. It’s important to pay attention to our mental well-being as well as our physical one and this is a step in the right direction for you.

Jim Metzger Architect here, is the pool room sitting on a foundation that goes below the frost line and are you providing anyway to block moisture from coming up through the floor?

Frost heave is a problem if the ground below the structure freezes after getting saturated and the resulting ice can lift the structure and make it un-level. If the floor is self-supporting all you may need is a concrete column below each corner set below the frost line, I imagine that is 4 feet below the surface in your area. With the weight of the pool table you may need some intermediate support so the floor doesn't settle in the middle.

Moisture can collect below the structure and migrate into the floor. At minimum I'd make sure whatever flooring you put down inside the building is resistant to mold and movement.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

No matter how careful you are leveling the building, things will shift. You might consider incorporating these into the installation from the beginning.


If you're going to photoshop it in, you might want to look at some of youtube tutorials first, no offence.

Actually, with 'no offence', that reminds me of my eldest daughter, who on meeting my girlfriend said "I think she's a skank, no offence". Like, by saying 'no offence' at the end of a statement completely indemnifies any implied liability in the appallingness of any previous statement... if only.

Looks good. May I suggest a small addition to the interior. A small shelf to hold a bottle of single malt, and a desktop humidor for some fine cigars.

Are you putting a sound system in there?

Careful who you invite, they may never leave.

Enough space in there for a darkroom?

Not to mention more walls for pictures? Congratulations!

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