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Friday, 09 October 2020


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My guesses are:
Michael (YrHmblEd) Johnston
Henri Cartier Bresson
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Some pretty great company you're in there, Mike. ;)

WAG: Ernest Hemingway.


I think it is Ernest Hemingway...if that's a fishing rod, not a monopod, on his hand!

It’s got to be you, Mike.

Ernest Hemingway? (Guess based on age, general appearance, and fishing rod.)

Marlon Brando

It’s Ernest Hemingway.


Looks like a young Ernest Hemingway

That would be the young man and the sea…

Ernst Hemingway as a young man.

Mike Johnston.

I took this as an opportunity to test and learn about image identification using Google and Bing tools. Selecting a small section of the image (copy/paste a rectangle that included the head and shoulders) each quickly returned the right answer ... as well as a large selection of iconic views of the old man and his younger self. In seconds!

Great time to be alive.

My first guess was MJ. My second was Hemingway, perhaps on his trek through the Upper Peninsula in 1919.

What's surprising, now that the subject has been ID'd, is that there's nothing beyond some film grain to suggest that picture wasn't made in on an iPhone in 2020. His clothes would be very acceptable and there's no technology to date it.

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