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Saturday, 24 October 2020


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I've ordered one too.


This is welcome news. I ordered the book when you posted the initial announcement for pre-order. I almost forgot about it until a couple of days ago when the charge showed up on my credit card bill. Hope to see it soon in my mailbox. Can't wait.

Thank you had the Mrs. just order. Can’t wait!

I can't avoid commenting on this cover image. The woman isn't wearing her mask properly. Perhaps she's covering her nostrils, but not completely. The mask should be over the tip of her nose.

Great picture otherwise.

Well if yours has already reached you in “the sticks” of the Finger Lakes, I hope mine will arrive soon. Mind you, I have a package that has been stuck in the Rochester USPS distribution center for 10 days now due Covid causing short staffing.

I’m very excited to receive this, and am so grateful for Peter’s dedication, resilience and compassion.

Got thru to his asst in nyc ordered book they hoping to start shipping out from NYC IN BEGINING December, printed overseas.

Have you checked out Peter's books on Paris and Cuba?

"Have you checked out Peter's books on Paris and ....?"

I bought Peter's book, PARISIANS within minutes of thumbing through it in a book store many years ago. I wanted it after just seeing the first ten pages.

One of my little joys was to see Peter shooting at an event that I was shooting (Bike Week Daytona) and getting to tell him how great that I thought his book was.

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