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Wednesday, 23 September 2020


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Ever do a series of definition look ups, only to end up at the word you first looked up?

Oh nice! I love that Zuiko 40/2. I've read some reviews panning the Rokkor 45/2 but when I owned one I got some truly lovely photos from it. As for the Pentax 50/1.4, I own one, but I like the 50/1.7 better. Ah, lens preferences, as individual as your fingerprint.

I had a Minolta XG-M, and it took the same motor drive as their X700. On both cameras in portrait mode, the rewind knob used to go up my nose when the motor drive wound on the camera. It was a bit of a surprise the first time it happened!

Is this part of the black and white darkroom project or is that dead? I've been wondering what happened with that one. Was hoping to see more of it.

OH Mike...Do not bother to compare all of them. You have a ZEISS lens on that RTS II. Automatic winner!! Ergonomics, image quality, ease of operation. The whole ball off wax.

Did I fail to mention that that is the system I cut my photographic teeth on?? OOPS! Even to this day, Zeiss glass holds a place of high regard in the digital world..IMHO


A post on the fetishization of the JCII / JMDC PASSED sticker would be amusing. I bought a Nikkor lens at a swap meet and was talking to a friend as I was cleaning the 50 year old glue off the lens barrel and some guy freaked out about it. Note that this was not a NOS lens with box and paperwork but just a beater micro nikkor 3.5 (great lens!) that for some reason still had the sticker on it.

Great set of nice classic cameras.

I have used and loved Pentax LX for years (i still love it). Easy to use and comfortable.

To my great despair, a search for the Zuiko 40mm turned zero results.
Every year I have this urge to go back and look for one to eventually conclude "nah, you don't need it". But now, it's gone! Sad !

Enjoy yours Mike !

OM-2N with 40mm f2 ... sigh.

Luke asked "Is there a word for following a trail of words through the dictionary?". It’s similar to “going down a rabbit hole” so “ferreting” would seem to work and is already in common usage for searching.

You know, if you are going to be using film cameras, you could build a nice little darkroom at one end of that pool hall you are planning. Just a thought... : ]

Too bad you didn't post this 2 months ago, I would have given you a Nikon FM with 35/50/100 lenses. After your posts about trying film again,I bought them from eBay and while everything worked they were markedly less than the enthusiastic descriptions from their sellers.
And even selling them on eBay was a bad experience with complaints even when I explained their actual conditions.
I've had it with eBay.
Caveat emptor.
Anything else I buy used I will buy from a reputable dealer like KEH.

I had a Spotmatic; at the time I had it it was already out-of-date (must have been roughly 1973-1977); stop-down focusing, and screw mount for lenses, had both been passed by for good reasons. Solid cheap camera, and I traded into a system with a wide range of lenses, as a supplement for my Leica M3 which I used for the commonest focal lengths (35, 50, 90 in my case, all Summicrons). Made sense for me at the time but I feel no nostalgic draw.

Didn't have a Nikon FE, but had various FM and FM2 (maybe as many as 4 at once at one point? Seems excessive, but they got cheap). Didn't care for the automation in the FE, but the FM was a solid, capable camera, with a fully mechanical shutter so there was nothing lost but metering if the battery went. (The more I think back on it, the more I think that was a really dumb thing to worry about; in all my years I never had a meter or shutter battery die on me without a spare on-hand. Carrying a spare was simple and easy. And the electronic shutters were more accurate. Still, the FE was also more complex internally and more expensive.) Arguably the best bit of design Nikon every did (the FM, somewhere in the FM series).

Never had an OM2n, but had a pair of OM-4Ts. A clear mistake. They were fine cameras, but I switched to them at the wrong point and had to switch again only 7 years later (when autofocus became necessary to me). I didn't find them in any way revolutionary the way others did, though. They didn't seem notably lighter or smaller than the FM, or my Leica. The OTF metering got a friend more into night shots—but using my Nikon FMs I got technically equivalent shots, so the automation wasn't really changing what was possible. (I say "technically equivalent" just to side-step the question of whether mine were "as good as" theirs; if they weren't, the reason wasn't exposure.)

I don't seem to have nostalgia for photo gear in any great amount. I kind of like talking about how things were done in the old days, but at least partly that's because it feels so good to know I don't have to do it that way any more!

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