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Wednesday, 30 September 2020


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The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is a truly incredible and wonderful place. Despite the "museum" in the name, it is mostly set outside. If any of you travel anywhere near Tuscon, it is a must see.

Ho boy! Are you going to get cards!

I saw the headline and thought, "Good. Another Print Crit ... Why did Mike lay it down on the stairs? Maybe the light was good. It nicely frames the picture."

Then, "Why is he talking about a card? Maybe Jim sent a small card version along with the large print."

I'm still laughing. At me.

You threw away photo cards from Sally Mann???


[No, but if you put a gun to my head and told me I have an hour to find them, I'd probably be dead. (Seinfeld "Newman" voice: Moves!) --Mike]

I remember visiting the Sonora Desert Museum back in the late 70's. Why would I remember? Being a city boy it amazed me to see a scorpion walking next to me on one of the gravel paths. I started to watch closely where I walked!

Ilford used to make their double weight Pearl RC paper as postcards in 4x6 size. Made a fun way to send your pictures to someone, and taught me that some shots really work well in small format.

I wonder if they make an inkjet equivalent now.

David Vestal sent out cards to all of his finity subscribers, from 2005 until his death in 2013, and at some point he put together a selection from the 30 years of cards before that. I'll send you a tantalizing shot of the cover of the collection. My copy has the subsequent cards all tucked into the back. 2 day rule? nonsense!

Excellent photo, brilliant frame!

Mike, would you be interested in getting a postcard? If you don’t mind, please share your address.


I do this sometimes but struggle with the etiquette. For example, I always feel obliviged to send a snowy scene at Christmas, but I don't always have a "good one" to print - not before Christmas anyway!
Would it be OK to send any picture you like, or think they'll like? Or should it fit the season / celebration?

Some of the best cards are old photos of the recipient doing something silly with a good caption.
I have made a calendar from my photos for the past 19 years with 12 images in a 5x7 size and a calendar grid overlay and give them to about 25 of my friends each year. Usually with a different theme.

I like the photo too!

BTW Mike, did you deliberately paint your steps in 18% grey?

I've started sending photo postcards to my son since he is away from college as a way to give him some connections to home and family. It has been alot of fun. They are of family and friends and I mix in old with current. I write little reflections on them as well. Its a head start on getting my work out to my kids.

Eight years ago as part of the annual Foto Fest, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, put on an exhibition titled "Snail Mail," of which I was part, along with some notable others:


The curator, Anne Tucker, discussed in a three part interview the vitality of photographs mailed from one point to another.

Part One: https://www.mfah.org/blogs/inside-mfah/eastman-kodak-files-bankruptcy-conversation-anne-tucker

Part Two: https://www.mfah.org/blogs/inside-mfah/kodak-snapshot-conversation-anne-tucker

Part Three: https://www.mfah.org/blogs/inside-mfah/kodak-snapshot-conversation-anne-tucker

This was back in the day when a "hard copy" was an actual GSP thing. Anne's comments were prescient.

My bad on the first part of the Anne Tucker interview:


I'm a bit late on commenting on this post Mike, but wanted to add my bit. I usually make my own cards as well, either using Museo card blanks on my Epson 3880 or sticking prints to card blanks. However, when I'm traveling or away from home I use the Touchnote app, on my Mac usually, to create the card which they print and post. The quality is not as good as a HQ inkjet, but not bad either. It's a very useful facility. You can also send them to yourself to give personally or write in and send yourself.

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