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Tuesday, 04 August 2020


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The Right was beating and the Left was reporting. Jeez , Mike.

[I went a far mile to make my biases clear to you even in this short item. Not transparent enough for you? --Mike]

Olympus has been making a lot of news lately, with the sale and this new body and some lenses. Probably making the best of a bad situation, but they have news to report.

But how about that Panasonic GX9 you tried? It seemed like a lot of windup, but no pitch. I'm calling a balk on you unless you give us the rest of the story.

[You didn't read the first sentence of this post? --Mike]

Wow, a real-leather belt...I am impressed !

[I sense you are being sarcastic. --Mike]

Most people seem to assume that the protesters were doing the looting. Here in Santa Monica, protesters were marching peacefully near the waterfront, watched by the cops, while stores like REI, Patagonia and RoadRunner were being looted 3 blocks away. The cops stayed with the protesters while the looting was going on.

"By 2 p.m., a group of looters began breaking into stores as protesters continued to peacefully demonstrate on Ocean and in several other areas downtown."
"Some Santa Monica residents also criticized the way SMPD handled the situation, saying that the department could have directed officers away from protesters and tried to stop people from looting instead."
Santa Monica Daily Press https://www.smdp.com/santa-monica-plans-monday-morning-cleanup-following-looting/192357

Video showed carloads of looters in a traffic jam jumping out, looting and hopping back in the cars with the stolen goods.

Sure didn't look like the protesters were doing the looting. Sure didn't look like to cops were doing their job either.

Mike, don’t feel even a tiny bit sheepish about mentioning the damage that was done to Central Camera. I live in Oakland, California. The vandalism, break-ins and thefts from businesses was huge in our area. We just purchased a car from a dealer that had its windows broken, and cars damaged, even driven into walls. A surgery center in San Leandro was broken into by people looking for drugs, as was a nearby physician’s office. Small businesses were vandalized and looted, and some were put out of business. I am not aware of any apologies by interested parties for what happened. Indeed, some trivialized what happened, without regard to the owners and employees of those businesses, most of whom are sympathetic to racial and economic inequalities. The people who wanted to peacefully protest should have done so exclusively during daylight hours. I am far from being a right-wing conservative. However, that there are malicious and destructive people and, yes, thieves out there, is unfortunately very much a reality.

I lost 3 1/2 stone last year. Threw out all my oversize clothes. Bought new belts. And then the corona virus hit and I've been cocooned ever since and replaced almost all of the weight loss. Had to buy new trousers recently as the old new ones don't fit.In the past I gave up smoking and alcohol, neither were easy, but just starting a new diet I find near impossible

May I join others in congratulating you on your loosening waistbands?! Personally, I'm envious. I've gained eight stubborn pounds since the COVID-19 pandemic began. I long ago abandoned belts with holes in favor or d-ring belts or fancier flexible belts. I just feel uncomfortable! Ugh. But hopefully my opportunities for more exercise will re-open soon...if everyone else around here would just behave themselves!

Speaking of behavior, I can say with complete confidence that the looting and destructive behavior that destroyed Central Camera were NOT acts of protest, per se. They were acts of opportunism and anarchy. This is not a matter of opinion, as any close observer could confirm. Many of the stores on State Street, one block west of Central's street, such as Macy's, were also looted. The genuine protests took place mostly north of that location, for those familiar with downtown Chicago, closer to the Chicago River and in front of Trump Tower.

I can't express how broken my heart felt seeing the aftermath of that looting in "my" neighborhood. Even now, I can barely look at some of the images I captured of those scenes.

Just a plug for The Guardian which, like this blog, is free to read entirely without subscription ;-). I ‘subscribe’, partly for that reason, to both.

I also subscribe to New York Times, which is very reasonably priced at present and has a lot of free to read stuff. European edition of Politico too.

The bulk of the Democratic Party and almost all of the “liberal” media in the United States would be center right in the rest of the world.

Where does reality fit on the media bias chart? The general perception about that from down under (Australia) is that reality has a distinct left wing bias.

Well, Don may rebuild Central Camera but I don’t think he will be able to rebuild “Central Camera”. That place was an eclectic collection of photographic paraphernalia, both old and new, stacked from floor to ceiling in multiple aisles on multiple floors, only one of which was frequented by customers. I am quite sure that for a a large percentage of the inventory they had no idea what they had. A couple of years ago when I got back into developing film I bought an old Jobo rotary processor and was in search of certain parts and accessories that were long out of production. I found an EBay ad for some of the items being sold by Central Camera and called to ask them about it. It seems they had a kid working for them with not enough to do so they sent him down into the basement where there boxes and boxes of stuff they had long lost track of. While rummaging around down there he found several cases of “New/Old” Jobo stock so they threw on eBay where I was thrilled to find it. The guy I spoke with told me that stuff was only the tip of the iceberg. They had more than a century of stuff down there, upstairs, and who knows where else? Try recreating that (or listing it for an insurance company)!

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