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Sunday, 02 August 2020


Keep doing what you're doing Mike! Increased my Patreon contribution by $1.

In my opinion TOP has a very well balanced mix of subject matter but as in all things you can't please all people all the time.

I generally avoid ads as well, but one ad worth watching is the new Nike ad. Here’s one link to it. https://musebycl.io/sports/nikes-new-ad-editing-marvel-and-maybe-best-covid-spot-yet?fbclid=IwAR2OZIBrjti3qyECGoIH_iy-5whHy9bpuVKGYHJv9Xc2SMSG1SrQJa2Kt1E

For mike - the packers feature inn it.

Hi Mike,
I'm excited for the pool table buying post! Our family is in agreement that we want to buy one once this trying time is over.

I.e. "infinitesimal." Wikipedia tells me that Archimedes thought hard about these "infinitely small" numbers and that Leibniz's treatment of calculus was built on calculating with them. Maybe your dislike for shoes was like one over infinity squared or even two to the minus infinity. You can *just hear* the total and utter displeasure in that phrasing, right?!?

Wikipedia also tells me that "Infinitesimals were the subject of political and religious controversies in 17th century Europe, including a ban on infinitesimals issued by clerics in Rome in 1632."

Well, TOP has always been a little provocative, even in an upset-a-1600s-pope kind of way. I bet Galileo played billiards, too..

[I'll bet Archimedes would have. --Mike]

I just sold my cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin. When I built it 20 years ago, I put a good pool table in the basement, along with cues, cue rack, chalk, etc. I probably used it four times; maybe five, but I don't think so. I only bought it because I thought manly men would have a pool table in their cabins; or perhaps a poker table, but I *really* didn't need one of those. Gambling bores me more than pool. Anyway, the buyer asked that the pool table be included in the sale, which I was happy to do; it is as pristine as the day it was made, green felt, leather pockets. Balls of genuine elephant plastic. I do read your pool entries in the blog. As a five year veteran of Catholic elementary school, I offer the resultant suffering up to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Muphry’s Law: The English transliteration of the Hebrew word קהלת should be “Qoheleth” (though “Kohelet” would be simpler, and probably more accurate.)

Limit as H approaches 0? It's not really represented in straight text except in English as above, but it's drawn as:

It needs the little "lim" to clearly mean that.

Mike: I know you know that the post on the election will, undoubtedly, cost you some readers/patrons.

Just sayin’...

Hi Mike,
I have been a TOP reader for a long time and a Patreon supporter for less time because you manage to write interestingly about all things.
Some interest me passionately and some I find interesting because of you passion about them.
In Australia we get all kinds of political comment and news, but it wonderful to get local knowledge.
I lived in Baltimore for 6 years while working at Johns Hopkins Med school and survived 3 election cycles.
They are endlessly fascinating and so different from our way.
Keep writing about your passions, I love it.

Hi Mike,
I am your other follower that is looking forward to your pool table post. I hope you include snooker tables when you write it.

[Well I'm really glad to know that you two are out there! That will inspire me. --Mike]

Mike I like your mix of topics. A little of this a little of that and before you know it one good menu item.

I would love to shop camera stores, hifi shops but they are as rare these days as hens teeth. Now where did that saying come from?

Funny, I tend to roll my eyes with the gear talk posts. But I've been pretty well situated, gear wise, for the past 6-7 years.

Regarding the first asterisk item, that reminded me of Mark Knopfler's first post Dire Straits album in which he has a song called "Imelda"... he has transitioned to story telling narrative song, often based on real people. His song "Boom like that" about Ray Kroc of McDonald's fame inspired the movie the founder, starring Michael Keaton.

I was living in the Philippines when Marcos, uh, decided to leave the country. They opened many of his homes to the people to see the luxury they lived in on the backs of the population.

And yes, shoes were a big part of the obscene booty.

I hate ads too, which is why I have an HD video recorder. You can either use as a conventional video recorder or timeshift the program i.e. start recording a show and then start watching the recording after, say 15 to 20 minutes or so and still fast forward the ad breaks. Not too expensive either, around £150-£170 here in the UK.

I think many are still expecting the conclusion to your Panasonic GX9 review. You promised the final part 3 weeks ago.
The last part didn't end well, but promised a silver lining.

[I think I'll try to restart that on Tuesday. --Mike]

Mmmm, footnotes.*

*Footnotes good. Must remember to increase Patreon donation.

The balance of gear vs non-gear stories is perfect. As for the fallout (and there will be fallout) for the upcoming thoughtful, carefully couched piece on the upcoming election... there can be no world peace, until people on the whole, find inner peace. Somewhere, right now, there's a guy with a beard, who has the sharpest lens ever made and has never made an interesting photo in his life, just cocked, locked and loaded, waiting for you to dare to challenge his world view. You have been warned. Adieu!

Aargh - speaking of limits and imperfection ... In the comment where I defined a limit mathematically, I put in a bunch of incorrect fractions - they're all supposed to be greater than 1/2, but partway through I switched to less than ... And if I correct it, the correction is sure to have an error.

Your second footnote is related to Zeno's Paradox, one of them that is. A person walking towards a point will never reach it. He goes half the distance, then half the remaining distance, etc, never quite getting the distance remaining down to zero.


" I do read your pool entries in the blog. As a five year veteran of Catholic elementary school, I offer the resultant suffering up to the Blessed Virgin Mary."

Best. Comment. Ever.

Thanks JC, you made my morning!

If only every shoe store were next to a camera store! Problem solved. In Juneau AK the one decent camera store, Art Sutch Photography, was about five stores up from a good shoe store, and in between was a good book store, so that was about perfect. We could meet in the middle.

You can read about the recent fate of Art's store here.

Isn't the whole point of calculus to assume that an asymptote does equal or exceed zero? I learned all that - um - stuff in High School. But the other day I was trying to calculate a certain maximum permutations of something or other and thought to myself, I'll just use calculus. I pulled out the trusty (virtual) Hewlett Packard - looked at it for about 2 minutes - and worked it out by trial and error. I have completely forgotten. Now inspired to go do an online old-person mathematics course...

I’m still here reading because of the lowish amount of gear posts. I was feeling lustful for a small Olympus until someone let me hold theirs - and I found that it was just much less comfortable than my Pentax K3. Coupled with a realisation that I have a (for me) complete set of decent lenses that I am familiar with, and that any move would cost actual money, I’ve stopped looking. Most importantly, I’ve realised that the equipment I have isn’t what is holding my photography back, but a lack of time to edit and process my photos. So I’m trying to photograph more thoughtfully and catch up with editing/processing. Your recent artist’s statement posts are superb. Reminds me of Brene Brown’s values exercise - she gives you a long list of possible values and makes you choose just two that matter the most to you. I thought it impossible, but I ended up with two. Off now to write an artist’s statement for myself.

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