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Sunday, 09 August 2020


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Sandals with socks! Oh Lord!

[I'm not suggesting sandals with socks. I'm suggesting sandals with THOSE socks. --Mike]

They're a little too toned down for my taste. I like to stand out in a crowd. ;-)

Perfect for a nudist colony (if there be such one) where one is allowed to wear only one or pair of attire.

Nope. Polyester doesn't cut it for some of us.

Merino Wool or good high count Cotton.

You can get a pair and post a photo of you wearing them with your Bermuda Shorts, Hawaiian shirt and a Big Panama Hat with a Purple Hat Band.

These will go well with the masks which my friend is making.

I haven’t worn a pair of socks since March I may not wear another pair ever again

I suppose that they are Support (TOP) Hose?

I'm a black socks with black river sandals (they look enough like black shoes that only shoe geeks notice) sort of guy myself in the winter, but I could see going with these


Less conspicuous sorta like a Leica pair.

My favourite colour (sorry for correctly spelling two words that must CLANG! when you read them).

Alas Mike, they won't send them to Australia. Dang it.

Nice, really photorelated! I am upping the Patreon support now ;-)

PS. I Love your site, Mike!

These would go well with my 100-400mm underpants

Don't laugh at socks with sandals. I live in Birkenstocks with socks. I picked that look up from spending a year in Germany back when dinosaurs walked the Earth, where no one would have dreamed of not wearing socks with them. Odd how they brought us the most comfortable shoes in the world, but also a distinctly non-fashion forward look for them. Your socks would be great with them.

This post sent me in search of other photography themed products and I found a watch with an iris diaphragm and f-stop face. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to tell time based on f-stops but I thought their tag line was kinda funny. “It’s almost f/11, do you know where you children are?” Based on the reviews this watch should last at least a week.

After receiving Bombas socks for Christmas a few years ago, I resent all other socks, to quote my wife.


But do they have image stabilization?

I have plenty of sock lenses already. Why isn't there a body only sock option? This is an abuse of all advanced camera sock wearers.

Do they come in medium format?

Mssrs. Plewz and Keane both get extra points.

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