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Sunday, 02 August 2020


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The link goes to a site that has images about the size of a 35mm negative. Surely I am not expected to use a lupe to see these on-line photos, which I would really like to see?

[I don't have that problem and no one else has reported it yet. I suspect it might be a problem with your browser settings. Have you tried accessing it on a different browser? --Mike]

Images come up well-sized on an iPad Pro, what are you using?

Image size varies as you increase the width of your browser.

I find cue sports to be exremely photogenic.

Curiously, I see only thumbnails, like FW Smith. iPad Pro iOS 13 Safari & all browsers. Can get bigger by downloading or opening in new tab, which would be inconvenient. I’ll try on the Mac.

Thanks for sharing this artist. I just went through his website and loved his documentary work.

As a slight, but still cue-sport related, aside, the Snooker World Championship is on at the moment and is being televised. A bit odd to begin with - just the two players and the ref round the table (plus a technician or two, I assume), social distancing practised, no being handed rests etc by the ref. Plus, the big point that makes it more watchable for me, no audience! So, no shouting and cheering, just the game.

Some players apparently like it that way (Ronnie O'Sullivan being one) while others find it a bit off-putting - no quiet round of applause for a particularly good shot or making a ton, for instance.

But I like it!

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