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Thursday, 13 August 2020


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Whatever the effect is called, there are a number of sports where we basically throw up our hands and "decide" contests with a separate mini-contest--some variant of the "sudden-death tiebreaker". For example, the penalty-shot shootout, a deus ex machina devised to solve the apparently intolerable problem of a tie in several team sports. In effect, the "shootout" nullifies the equality of the teams' efforts, as determined by the rules of the game, in favor of a series of brief, simplistic one-on-one contests that are even more subject to chance than the regulation contest.

Wait. Isn't this the plot of Homer's Iliad? Except, of course, for the beauty contest that started the whole debacle?

At any rate, it's probably a mistake phase out coins.

The narcissism of minor differences?

Minolta CLE. Does that count?

I don't buy much stuff, but when I do, I research obsessively.

Working remotely, and needing to set up a better version of a home office, I started noodling around online. Two different websites came up in two different searches for two different items, both had a title such as, "The best XYZ" for 2020".
Both had product lists, one of them did not have comments or actual reviews, just Amazon links.
At the bottom of the page, was a statement indicating that if the Buyer clicks through to Amazon from the site, the author gets paid a spiff.

I am grateful that TOP gets a slice when I do click through to a vendor, but these other guys are just p*mps.

By the way, I wouldn't put us Naked Apes in the same class with the other Primates. It has been said that Chimpanzees share 97% of our DNA, but they don't seem to be fretting about which earbuds to choose.

Maybe it's related to Sayre's law:

Indeed, the Brits seem to like a casual sport - just see Cricket. A Test Match taking a leisurely 5 days to play out (although one does need to be fit & highly skilled to play at elite level).
Darts & Snooker aren’t the most energetic sports. Golf (apologies to the Scots for the correlation) also less energetic.
Just see the Australian ice skater Steven Bradbury’s 2002 performance re the fickle nature of sport. Not the fastest skater, but first over the line. Doing a Bradbury has a special meaning Down Under :)

I think of it like a hilltop. Two choose-able options are both near the top of the hill, and one may be slightly higher than the other, but the hill is generally rounded at the top, so the difference is not great. Thinking this way has definitely lowered my anxiety about picking the wrong one. I just want to avoid picking a worthless option.
My other stress reliever is, when I think about spending 1000 dollars, "I've made worse mistakes than that before".

Re: "it might have come down to where their feet were in their motions at just the critical moment."

Yep, the timing of those final motions is a critical part of their training.

I think the racer who was a tiny hair slower would be just as crushed even if they got identical awards. It IS a race.

Timed and scored events are different than critically judged events. I agree that timed and scored can be so close as to be trivial. Critically judged events are dependent on the "eye" of the judge and the bias they bring. For example, a local photography club I belonged to was so besotted and aligned with certain members that no one else could possibly "win" a photograph contest. I though the "winners" were often junk (opinions...) so I simply stopped going to the relatively useless meetings.

Mike, I once was on the other side of this phenomenon, what ever it's name. I have a twin brother, and we both took the same classes in a small high school. He was much better than me in mechanical drawing. On one test he got 94, I got 87, and the other scores were 86, 85, 84 and on down. When the instructor gave out the grades 87 and higher got A, 86 and lower were given a B. All because the instructor thought my brother and I should get the same grade. Phil

I know we will forever disagree, but for me it’s the current MP for metered or M4-P for unmetered. O 🇨🇦 for the latter and current meter/technology for the former. I need 28mm frame lines. And I will continue to use Rodinal, thank you very much. 😝

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