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Saturday, 25 July 2020


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Quickly read the title and thought you’d taken photos at the LGBT parade in your village:)

I guess the lesson is to not stop reading after the heading. Shot of the day (on a photo forum) and drag shot...

I thought that guy has a good make up job.

I've never played pool but in college I played a lot of carrom. It's a board game, very popular in South Asia, where you pot flat wooden counters (instead of balls, as in pool). I got pretty decent at it – I was the college champion – but for a few years I played with someone who was truly good. Rarely, very rarely, Dam-da as I called him (-da is a Bengali suffix which literally means "older brother" but is also a honorific) would have a bad day or I'd have a really good day, but most times he'd wipe the floor with me.

Clearing the table, even among pros, is not as common in carrom as it is in pool. I've done it twice in my life. Dam-da did it about once a month.

What stays with me is, sometimes right after the break, he'd look thoughtfully at the board. Rubbing his chin, he'd say, "Finish achhe." (Literally, "There is a finish.") Sometimes he'd pull it off, sometimes he wouldn't. But I liked the implication that the finish was "out there", if only we were skilled enough to grasp it.

Funny when I read the term "drag shot" I though you were referring to photographing someone in "drag".

As a very long time reader, let me say that your writing of late is the best work you've done. It reads, to me, as though it's effortless and that you could have written thrice as much with ease. But this pool article... oi! And this coming from the only son of the only man to beat Eddie Charlton when he came to Australia (Graham Wood). The issue is that you're explaining it to NPF (non pool folk). Whereas photography writing has the luxury of an expected basic level of knowledge of the subject.

Still a fan Mike :-)

[The reason I'm explaining it as if to NPF is because I don't actually believe 79% of my readers are pool fans.... --Mike]

Are you really sure, you don't want to switch to snooker? Cue ball control galore...

[I adore snooker...really do. --Mike]

A very enjoyable divertissement during Pandemic Lockdown. Thanks very much, Mike. :-)

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