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Monday, 04 May 2020


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I wish everyone could see 35mm B&W prints (in person) by Henry Wessel- just so they could see first hand the kind of image quality capable from that tiny neg when in the hands of a master.

Also wish everyone could see a print of Navigation Without Numbers by Wynn Bullock, just so everyone could see what a technical, and emotional wallop, large format B&W can deliver...

You don't say anything about size. But...gotta be the same size we're making for ourselves, right? Because prints at different sizes don't get made identically (by good printers). Do you have a religious position against rolling in tubes?

Penalty for color?


Bonus for monochrome?


Hi Mike

Hope you're well. As someone relatively new to printing, I wonder if you could put together a post on what you look for and how you go about critiquing a print. Do you have different criteria for b&w vs colour?

All the best

Will you critique my 16 bit Pro Color high resolution master image files?


Nice offer Mike. But what about the Baker' dozen at the museum, any follow-up?

I'm going to try, but in this age of isolation and closed boarders getting anything anywhere in the world outside the local borders is, well, problematic. This from the guy who has just returned from the post office with a parcel he can't post as there is no airmail currently to the country he wanted to send it too.

Strange times.

13" x 19"... you mean I've got to go out and buy small paper...

Seriously, you don't have to store mine if I send them. Tear them up, send me a mobile phone snap of the torn pieces. I hit "print", and my prints have magically returned this side of the Atlantic.

The new post-covid digital world?

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