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Tuesday, 21 April 2020


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Fun for us, too!

"I love this job."
Too bad you are not getting paid. (Directly that is)

[Sheepishly heads over to Patreon.]

I am happy that you love your job Mike because I am always delighted to read you even when you promote brocoli sprout! We followers all learn from your writing and educate ourselves on photography and many more topics!
Keep on writing, it's always appreciated¡

In Capture One the layers tool can be added to any tool tab. Each tool tab is customizable.

In fact when layers were first introduced, I created a custom tool tab containing only those tools where layers could applied. Once you have a layer, then the Luma mask can be applied to that layer. I saved the workspace and have kept it up to date as the versions change.

There is another connection between pool or rather snooker and border collies. They both were staples of BBC Television entertainment from around 1970 on. Snooker as “Pot Black” (on black & white TV no less) and the border collie as “One Man and His Dog” sheepdog trials which were a staple of weekend viewing, attracting big audiences.

I loved the video links, dogs are great. My wife and I have two Cairn Terriers, or ratters as some refer to them.

I was wondering the other day why I don't quite appreciate them as much lately. My wife tells me it's that, with Covid 19 restrictions, I don't meet any people and no longer have that "the more people I meet, the more I love my dog" thing going on.

Writing is great fun and is good for the brain.

I write a weekly Friday Post for a few dozen friends and, similar to your blogs, there is no fixed topic. In other words, I just write what comes to mind and that often requires a bit of searching and reading.

With COVID-19 advisory to stay home, I am still busy and enjoyin' meself.

As is often the case on YouTube videos, the comment section can be the highlight. To wit, on the herding video, "Could border collies herd children? Asking for a friend." ;-)

One of my father-in-laws 'working' dogs was a Border Collie, Shep I think was his name. Shep used to help the Kelpie's manage the sheep by doing one lap around them, then jump in the water trough for the rest of the day.

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