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Saturday, 11 April 2020


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I hesitate to say this, but didn’t you know you could watch most broadcast TV on your computer over the Internet?

No TV here, either. 4:39 am and I guess I'm up for the day. The question, is do I leave my cozy bed, under covers with coffee, or do I head out to shoot Easter sunrise? Clear skies, ocean a half mile away. Yeah, okay. Happy Easter. Sara

Don’t know if you’re allowed to post this, but at least you can see it..


CBS News has also posted a snapshot of Peter’s images and words on their website. TV not required:)



Video here (~1'15" running time):


although I suspect some TOP readers will prefer the gallery presentation:


I believe the images in this presentation have previously appeared on Peter's social media outlets.

Enjoyed the photos, didn't like the presentation. I hate when television slow zooms and pans the images. The photographer's vision should not be reinterpreted by some TV producer.

Here you go:


Phones, tablets, and computers are TVs, just with smaller screens.

Down here in Australia we are living with rules that mostly allow only "essential" activities and outings. I think that we can definitely make a case that documentary photography of our cultural responses to the virus and the restrictions we are living with is an essential activity.

I have alerted many friends to Peter's ongoing diary. It's essential reading.

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