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Wednesday, 25 March 2020


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I have to disagree on one point. Virii are not primitive forms of life, they are simple forms. If you think they are "alive" or not.

Thanks, great links.

Sorry, Mike, but I don’t think anyone comes here for COVID-19 advice so why delay readers comments in order to give it?

[Because it's what's on my mind and occupying my time. That's what has kept this blog steaming along for nearly fifteen years--the fact that it is the reflection of my interests and my thinking and reading--so I gotta go with the program. If I were just writing entertainment as if it were a job or an assignment, I never would have lasted. I wouldn't have made it past year one.

As Popeye said, I yam what I yam and dat's all what I yam.

Oh and by the way, I finished the comments before I started that post. --Mike]

I feel for you over there. Contrary to Trumps claims, Australia is testing 25x as many people and in most states look to be coping (flattening the curve). 164 miles of wall does not lock a border down, inadequate testing and too few hospital beds will not stop it. I hope you do not go the way of Italy or Spain, but the figures say you are. Good luck to all.

A well written article: "How the Pandemic Will End" by Ed Yong at The Atlantic, March 25, 2020.

A very good site is worldometers. Has lots of statistical stuff about lots of things in the world, but a very good section on the coronavirus.
You can get the link by googling worldometers.



Also: "How the Pandemic Will End" by Ed Yong at "The Atlantic", March 25, 2020

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