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Sunday, 22 March 2020


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Hi Mike,
I think it's really sporting of the New York strain of the Coronavirus to declare a cease fire until 8:00pm this evening. And of course #19 would not be so sneaky as to contaminate that communal chalk cube or the places where players rest their hands - nah! it wouldn't do that.
Clever negotiating on the part of the governor no doubt.
Stay safe man.

[I don't understand the reason for your snarkiness. The Governor's orders took effect on Sunday at 8 so I complied on Sunday at 8. I complied with the earlier directives when they took effect. What's so hard to understand about that? --Mike]


I'm a bit confused, and very concerned, when you say "I just don't want to look back and feel that I contributed in any way to what's likely coming." I hate to break it to you, but by choosing to meet with your pool buddies and go to your recovery meeting (both important activities for your health in normal times, but these are not normal times), you are directly contributing to the potential spread of Covid-19 in your area. Even worse, I recall that some of your pool group is in the most at-risk age cohort for complications from the virus, making your decision even more irresponsible.

I'm assuming you have no symptoms, but hope that you know that it can take a week or more for symptoms to appear, during which time you can still spread the virus. Similarly, you have no way of knowing how the folks you will be meeting with have been behaving in terms of social distancing, so you are greatly increasing your own risk of exposure.

I have been impressed with your highly informative posts about the situation, and even your comments within this post regarding social distancing, so I am frankly blown away by your decision. I'm not expecting you to print this comment as it could be construed as me "taking a shot" at you (I am not, I am only expressing concern for a person responsible for an important part of my day), but pray that you will in case there are any of your readers still in doubt about the severity of the situation, especially if any of them are also considering one last social gathering before an arbitrary time (8:01 PM) when they will get serious about social distancing.

Introvert, Recluse, and Self-Isolation are my middle names. Bring it on!

" (And finally, everyone's being required to do something that we introverts are already good at. That doesn't happen very often.)"

You said it!

I'm like "how is this a change?"


Enjoy Mike. Maybe this would be a good time to start recommending movies between us. Movies that have some nice photography, of course. Let me start with “Seduced and Abandoned”, directed by Pietro Germi. 1964, I think. Certain scenes look like Cartier-Bresson photos, shot in the middle of the day, when the sun is high. Very funny film. For rent for 3 dollars or so on Itunes.

It’s very nice that the virus is going to hold off until 8:00 pm. :-)

And hopefully more time to moderate and post comments (insert optimistic smily face here).

I would really suggest you and anyone reading don't go out at all. I don't actually think we know how contagious this is. I read a study that seems credible but is not reviewed that was mentioned on s very good emergency medicine podcast that gave CV an R value of 26. If that's true it's amongst the most infectious things we've ever dealt with. It means one asymptomatic infectious person can infect 26 people. Seems bizarre but I don't think there is any level of too much caution. It would be fine if it were not deadly.

I totally understand the idea of the last visit with loved ones. But a percentage of those visits are going to kill a lot of people.

Hi Mike,

I think that your recovery group (and recovery groups in general) can make a fairly seamless transition to virtual meetings using something like Zoom, at least in the near term. One of my sisters is a therapist and she is meeting with clients this way. It's not ideal, but it is much better than nothing.


TOP is on the “essential" list as well! And, it’s allowed to cross the border up here into Ontario.

[I'm honored! --Mike]

I may finally get off my butt and process a small backlog of film. I said film

Introverts. Yes I really think one of the requirements photographers need is the ability to work alone. We can only depend on ourselves. I guess most artists are the same.

I still like to socialize but there comes a time where I hit my limit and have to escape to my cave. Not to hide but to work.

Here in California we are already being limited to what we can do and we are limited to groups of 5 or less. Personally I think it should be less.

I can still take long walks with my camera. I also have purchased an ebike and it is a blast to get on it and cruise the city. If I spot something I can stop and grab the camera and shoot.

Hey Mike,

I was gonna take my 'divorce support group' out on Friday the 13th for drinks (and to celebrate my birthday); but I ended up canceling due to concerns about spreading the virus. I've been working from home for the last week. My son is home from UW Whitewater, and the rest of the semester will be on-line. I doubt very much that schools at any level will be back in session this spring. Social distancing and isolation will help to flatten the curve (smush the hump)--and this is good for the health care system.

Congrats on your reduction of blubber! Me too! My BMI is down to 27, I'm down roughly 35 lbs, I'm enjoying my daily vin-n-tonics, and I have a healthy obsession with roasting Brussels sprouts. Like you, this new way of eating has really been enjoyable. I don't count calories, I don't obsess if I do a rare cheat, I'm enjoying what I eat, and I look and feel great!!

Keep it up, and thanks for the motivation...

You could use the "Zoom" app or similar to hold video conference type meetings from home. We've set up a local Corvid-19 support group using this technology.

It’s probably a case of NMJ (not my job) or maybe SWSETCADR (sorry we sent everything to China and didn’t restock). A SNAFU no matter which way you look at it. Enjoy the shooting!

While I can’t and of course won’t claim authorship, it’s been said that closing down and imperiling our economy sine die, is akin to an elephant being attacked by a house cat and panicking so it falls off a cliff to its death. I completely agree.

“And finally, everyone's being required to do something that we introverts are already good at. That doesn't happen very often.”

I saw a sign that sums it up:

First Time in History

We can save the human race
by laying in front of the TV
and doing nothing.

Let’s not screw this up!


Mike, I was not worried about you complying with the Governor's orders, I was concerned that the place you were playing at may already contaminated.
We need you to stay well.

[Excuse me for interpreting your comment as snarkiness. I'm feeling raw this week. --Mike]

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