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Thursday, 05 March 2020


It’s an interesting game, but I still prefer to play snooker.

Nice potting. I don’t know the rules of 9-Ball Pool, but what I saw on the table reminded me of the final stages of a snooker game, when only the colours are left and have to be potted in order.

Since we are off-topic, I would like to ask about the use of "deceptively difficult" in your article. I was under the impression that "deceptively such-and-such" is something that seems such-and-such, but is not. So "deceptively difficult" would in fact be easy, am I right?

I am asking also because estate agents here in the UK often advertise properties as "deceptively spacious". Given that there are no spacious properties in the UK that normal people can afford, I thought that this might be an unintended bout of honesty. Unless I am wrong.

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